Comic Book Review: Extremity #8


Kicking off with this journey for Thea and Rollo is where I feel I have wanted to be in this book. They now have the freedom to see new places, meet important people, though above all they are understanding a world beyond their own. Not something that would have been possible to do while allowing their father to fill their heads with a mission of vengeance and hatred.

Just from the start of this issue the engagement between Thea and Rollo was a great change of pace from where we were at with them before. It’s not enough for these two to simply care about the other’s safety. They need to be able to show that care for one another in a healthy environment and without tensions surrounding them. Especially when addressing how both of them now feel about the lengths their father is willing to go to put an end to the Paznina. Rollo has found a place where he could find some room to thrive. That doesn’t happen when he is thrust into action or forced to help take a life. He is someone you want to see pushing the boundaries of knowledge and inquiry of it. As for Thea, she has grown a lot in a short mount of time. It goes without saying that what she truly needed in her life was an eye-opener to what it is like to suffer from a different perspective. You can have it bad, but there is always someone out there who has it just as bad if not worse. Connecting with someone who has more depth couldn’t have come at a better time.

With that said, the question for this stage of the story is where we go to next for Thea and Rollo. Luckily this wasn’t too big of a question to dwell on as the next move was made pretty clear. This companion that Thea befriends on this mission of theirs was exactly what I wanted to see from them on this journey. Exploration is key in keeping readers drawn in to a story like this. Whether it is the new places or creatures, people love to see what they haven’t seen before.

Now Annora continuing her pursuit of Thea is as well a point of interest in this story when following someone who could find some sort of peace like Thea, yet steered down the path of vengeance. Sure you don’t want to see someone like her suffer, but you also don’t want to see her succeed knowing that she is trying to kill our main character. The range in this character works enough to hold her own end of the story since there is this desire for Annora to prove herself  as not only the princess, but someone who wants to satisfy her rage towards those who messed with her face. Her very actions in this issue show a determination that will either see her through or be her end. You definitely want to see which eventuality that will be since you do expect the unexpected from both the Paznina and the Roto.

Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer consistently find new ways to impress us through their fleshing out of this world through the artwork. With every new place and every new threat we face, there is a stronger investment we have for Extremity and what this world has to offer. The Black Canyon is a place of terrors, though there is no denying that this is a place rich with the unknown to explore. Just the creature they run into was a thing of nightmares, making quite the statement about why you shouldn’t go to a place like this without a good reason and the firepower to defend yourself. The creature was unique and had a nice shade of green to it. Speaking of unique creatures, the same could be said for this companion that Thea befriends as well as what other flying creatures we run into along the way. They looked majestic and magnificent at the same time from something familiar yet you could only find in a world like this. The color selection for them made a big difference finding that blend of reds, yellows, and gold. Aside from the world-building, the characters themselves do grab your attention from the range of emotion take n from them. Even when there isn’t a bunch of hacking and slashing in contrast to issues before, enough happens that shake this characters up and even take them outside of their comfort zones.

Extremity #8 shows that no action comes without a direction reaction or consequence. Thea and Rollo face unparalleled danger from the unknown while tackling a noble cause, and you have Annora who shows a drive we haven’t seen before from the princess. Just focusing on these two areas right now is wise when we have so much room to connect with these characters and the struggles they face.

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