Comic Book Review: Extremity #9


Whether it is Thea and Rollo or Annora, the best you could have asked for from Extremity was getting to a point where these three characters stood out more than the rest. This was the world they were born into for better or for worse. They lost much, but there are times when you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, even if faint. The continued push in what they are willing to do to find peace of mind or vengeance is a step in the right direction.

Getting back to Thea and Rollo, that mission was a complete disaster in motion. I think we were expecting there to be some obstacles along the way, but nothing like the force they unleashed on them and company. At that moment everything just falls apart in your head. I mean how do you go back to these people seeing this as a success? To save one life they had to lose how many in the process? You know this wasn’t their intention, but this was one of the worst ways to be forced to grasp how things don’t always work out for those with good intentions.

On Annora’s end, it was a tough pill to swallow seeing her make way to retrieving Shiloh. Sure, you don’t want to see her fail, but you also don’t want to see her become more of the monster that she can’t turn back from. Every person and guard she killed while infiltrating the Essene filled you with suspense since there was no telling what would happen once she reached her destination. These weren’t the Roto, but more peaceful people who have no quarry with the Paznina.

Now just from this cover, you already knew what this was all leading to. That scene did not disappoint one bit when these two sides finally came to a clash. Not like you would have imagined of course, but just is intense and brutal when you know what Thea and Rollo have on their tail. This was a fight, but this was at the same time one heck of an encounter where everyone was just trying to survive the experience in general. How this madness came to an end was the best development to come of this issue. Again life doesn’t always reward those with good intentions well, but that doesn’t mean that something good doesn’t come from those actions. Seeing that this wasn’t in vain was I guess all you could ask for.

But as if I couldn’t love this book any more, what followed all this action had so much emotion packed into it. We’ve seen actions that stem from hate and vengeance, but the response to all this bloodshed shook things up in a big way. To see that there are other ways to react to loss and grief made this whole journey so far worth it. The good and the bad. When you take in the fact that all of this is influenced by things experienced through Daniel Warren Johnson’s life, there’s so much respect for what you can do through comics to break the mold. This is storytelling when your artistic inspiration comes from a genuine source.

When it comes to the artwork for Extremity, you might come for the action, but you stay for everything else that this art team has to offer this story. From start to finish this issue had your attention visually. Scenes that left you gasping for the cutoff, the sense of hope, the overwhelming pain that everyone is suffering in one way or another. The fight with this monster strikes you with so many reactions because there’s the fear of this monster for all those it has slaughtered so far, the anger towards what Annora is doing at the Essene, anger shared between Annora and Thea, and much more all going on at the same time. I will say I still do love the detail and color scheme of this monster. Everything about it pops and is right in your face in the midst of a big battle. After that, the wall to wall facial expressions brought the house down when it came to the scene in the Essene addressing what it means to grieve without killing. The way they addressed that brought it all together wonderfully. Aside from this, that last page was stunning when questioning how this art team could still manage to impress you through the rendering of these new settings.

If I had a book I wanted to recommend all my friends to read,so far right now that book would be Extremity after the events of this issue. Everything leading up to this moment was beautiful. Extremity engulfs you in the darkness of this world, but allows you to see that you don’t have to take it. You can rise above the pain, the grief, and loss. You never get over those things, but you don’t have to let it define your every move. No book on shelves right now will put that better for you.

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