Comic Book Review: Fantastic Four #3


One thing that you never get enough of about the cosmic side of the MU, is what happens when elements of order try to push back. When someone is on a creation spree, what do you expect? An equal force that is bent on undoing that creation. Fantastic Four is already breaking new grounds in a big way, and now have brought the whole family along for the ride. You couldn’t have asked for a better return from Marvel’s first family so far.

Everything about this third chapter was heartwarming for the Fantastic Four. It was one thing if Reed simply called his family, but he pulled in everyone who has ever been a part of the team in the past. This kind of act truly redefined what it means to be part of the Fantastic Four. This is a family and this is a team, but that is only defined by the experiences that they have clearly shared with all of these heroes who answered the call to aid them against The Griever. There’s something captivating as well about seeing all of these heroes in action and simply forgetting all that they are probably dealing with on their ends. All that was in front of them was seeing friends they haven’t seen in a very long time, and an enemy who is ready to destroy everything if not put to a stop. Now when it came to the actual reunion of the four, that almost broke my heart. This was a long time coming and they made sure that the moment counted for them. Even when surrounded by all the fighting.

Now seeing everything that The Griever could do, that really left us guessing how they would tackle this powerhouse. Her actions in the previous issue left quite the impression when there was no overlooking what little limitations she has. It was how Reed came up with his plan that felt so nostalgic. I’m glad that Dan Slott didn’t try to lose us like some other writers might when writing Fantastic Four. Sometimes they will get so caught up in the science that everything needs a drawn-out explanation or a bunch of words put together that you would need to read twice to understand. He jumped into Reed’s monologue and everything clicked in a way that made sense right away. Especially if you are someone who was reading the last Ultimate’s storyline before the series ended. The same could be said for Valeria as well. There’s something to say for writing that doesn’t try to be too smart. At the end of the day this was a battle of heart and minds that encompassed the very way that the Fantastic Four get the job done.

The fight as a whole was fun for the fact that these heroes were all just doing what they do best. For so much going on at the same time, the art team did a great job capturing the key actions. It also goes without saying that there was a good sense of clarity to all of it. Nothing clashing, overshadowed, or suffering from a lack of perspective.

As their first villain in this series, The Griever was an impressive creation. We have been introduced to many cosmic entities who hold dominion over existence in the multiverse, but this one changes everything you knew about the kind of power they can wield. Her destructive power was terrifying, and only as terrifying as her monologue that filled you with unease towards her obsession in destroying everything. It was fitting to have this one person who represented everything that the Fantastic Four stand against. Destruction, disorder, chaos, she embodied all of that very well.

The art team blew me away with this issue. The action as I pointed out above aside, there was everything about the quality of work that they poured into the characters which popped out. It made such a big difference to see the way that these heroes interacted with each other as family and friends. That was what really separated what was a team, and what was an extended family. Endearing is only such when you can see it in the way the characters connect with each other whether it is the look in their eyes or their gestures. Every hug mattered, pep talk, and smile. There was one specific scene that caught me off guard, and that was for the brutality from a certain someone you didn’t even know was there. I was surprised by this guest appearance. He was drawn very well, and the carnage/destruction he left behind had quite a bit of detail put into it.

Everything we have been waiting for was indeed in this very issue. Fantastic Four #3 was a satisfying execution of the full reunion that was met with both thrilling action and sincere character moments.

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