Comic Book Review: Fantastic Four #6


I’ll be honest here. I actually skipped over the wedding issue of Fantastic Four. No matter how much you love Marvel or a certain creative team, there is only so many chances that a reader can give to the hype of another wedding. That’s not to say that it wasn’t good, because I passed on it. However, I kept myself from investing in the issue as surely others did as well. But that was last month, this is now where a new story begins for the First Family.

Now I do have to say, how the heck do we really go from a wedding to the return of Galactus to devour the Earth?! I flipped open to this first page and it drove me a bit crazy wondering what exactly I missed between this issue and the wedding issue. With that said, not enough to actually go out of my way to pick it up for my stance stated above. It was bold that this issue would also start us off in Latveria with Doctor Doom already prepared to take on Galactus. Surely some readers out there like myself would be wondering what we missed here that Doom is back to his old self again. No more trying to be the literal white knight to the world, but the Doom that everyone remembers him as. The only difference of course being that he is still trying to play hero for the sake of boosting his ego.

A battle between Doctor Doom and Galactus was as satisfying as you would hope for it to be. It wasn’t shocking at all that this wouldn’t be so straight forward, and that is what made this so exciting. The tactics that Doctor Doom employed against Galactus, the kind of spells he used, all of it was so clever. Yet at the same time created this thought in your head that there is something more to this attack on Earth than we are seeing on the surface. I mean, why Latveria first? Clearly he did something to attract the World Devourer. The answer to that was great, and at the same time something only Doom could do to cause this kind of trouble.

Where the Fantastic Four fit into this worked for the fact that this is their first encounter with Doctor Doom since the big reset on the Marvel Universe. It would be easy to assume that he was still the same changed guy that he was when he got his second chance. That is what made their encounter enjoyable. Everyone was thrown for a loop. Especially when they’re thrown into in battle against the brave new hero of the Latverian people, Victorious. The origin of this new hero was creative for someone who comes from a nation like this. The fight was to the point, but also intense for the kind of power she wielded. I was also impressed by the way that her creation tied into the way that this situation is even possible.

The art team of Aaron Kuder, Marte Gracia, and Erick Arciniega did a standout job this issue. This issue was action-packed, and they made every scene explosive as you would expect from two powerful forces clashing. It was nostalgic to see Doom back in green, using some new tech, new droids, and casting some familiar spells. The design of Victorious was from someone paraded as the champion of Latveria. Creative gold armor, and it made sense to have a green cape. The vibrant purple aura with the bubble effect made it easy to also see that she was someone imbued with the power cosmic. As for the Fantasic Four, this would be the first time seeing them in action in their new costumes. The design looked good through an interior view, though we’ll see how that changes once the setting is also during the day, rather than night. In general, there was a lot of things new that this art team had the opportunity to set into motion. All of it they handled very well considering there was a lot going on in this battle.

Overall it is going to take some time to get used to having the Devourer of Worlds back instead of The Lifebringer, but under these circumstances who could argue with an opportunity to see Doctor Doom versus Galactus? Overall, Fantastic Four #6 was a thrilling start to this new story arc, “Herald o Doom”.

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