Comic Book Review: Fiction Squad #5


4372535-05There have been some twists and turns throughout this mink-series that pleases readers who enjoy both fantasy and detective noir. In Fiction Squad #5 some evidence brings to light who is behind all of this and pulling the strings of the gang war. Even if Frankie can get everyone to work together, things are still going to be difficult in catching the guy. Fiction Squad #5 does a good job displaying detective noir elements like police corruption and seeing characters manipulate the scenes in a somewhat cartoony kind of way.

Its good that we get to see more creative ways in which certain fairy tale characters are portrayed. Best example would be the Northside Witch. While she does keep her good witch attitude that Wizards of Oz fans are familiar with, her appearance is closer to a wicked witch. A change you might find cool since we’ve never seen a version of Glinda before Fiction Squad #5. It’s also interesting to see how characters like the ones from both Oz and Wonderland interact with each other and how they work in a world like Fablewood. The only problem I’m seeing is the reveal of the villain. While I’m glad we get an explanation on who he is and how he get’s from place to place, the explanation is a little dull. Maybe it’ because I haven’t seen much of the explanation in action, I just think it’s a little complicated in the villain’s powers.

One of the things I actually liked about Fiction Squad #5 is that Simple Simon is actually useful in this issue. Throughout most of Fiction Squad, Simple Simon is stupid to the point that everything he did just made the situation worse and harder for Frankie. He even started a gang war by accident a couple of issues ago. In Fiction Squad #5 Simon is actually able to put his stupidity to use which turns things around for Frankie.

The art for Fiction Squad #5 is great. It still keeps that cartoony style this series has since issue one. The problem with the art is that there were a few panels where some characters are sitting next to each other different in each panel. It gets a little confusing and it’s a bit of poor story-boarding when the camera angle shows something different. The coloring for Fiction Squad #5 is great as well. The coloring are distinguishing for the characters, especially in large group shots of characters fighting. It sets the right tone Fiction Squad #5 was going far.

Fiction Squad #5 was a fun issue that has big reveals and it’s nice to see things progressing to the series end. I’m not sure what to think about the villain until the last issue comes out, but I think readers will still enjoy this issue when they get their hands on it.

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Fiction Squad is a fun series and I'm glad that this issue shows that things are coming together.

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