Comic Book Review: Firefly #3


It was after the events of the second issue where I could actually say that I was looking forward to the next issue. A great feeling when licensed books like this are difficult to jump into expecting the same quality of work to be put into it as the publisher before. The effort tends to say a lot about the staying power of said franchise and the potential for what’s to come. With such a heartwarming and heartbreaking, the third issue was one to anticipate for what would happen once it was time to get down to business.

What came next for the crew of the Serenity was everything enjoyable about this group of misfits. From the moment the story picked up this issue, we were led to believe one thing, and just like that nothing was as it seemed on the surface. I had my own assumptions about what would come when the Unificators made their entrance, and I loved that the decisions made were right up their alley. The kind of plan set into motion also said a lot about the point in time that this is all taking place. Even if you are aware of the period in time, certain things you still can’t be sure of till you see something that someone will do that they wouldn’t have done before. This could have easily just focused on Mal and Zoe, but the involvement of the others added to the unpredictability.

With that said, Mal and Zoe were still the point of interest considering they are the only targets of the Unifactors. When both sides finally clashed, the result was more than satisfactory. Not for the action, because we get plenty enough of that. This was the kind of war where words had just as much impact. Especially when this was our time to finally understand what has made this war so personal between Mal, Zoe, and the Unifactors. As I said last month, one of the main focuses for this run of Firefly had to be tapping into that well of potential and things that haven’t been touched yet by other creatives. That is exactly what we got from Boss Moon as we came to learn what actually started this war, and where we as the readers could begin forming our own opinions of who was right or wrong in the war. It was definitely hard considering both sides have gotten their hands dirty for better or for worse. From the perspective of Boss Moon, you could honestly understand where she comes from. Where last month it was tricky to believe that anyone on the crew would

All of this was progressed so well that you would actually catch yourself forgetting the one thing that was plain as day the minute this job began for the crew of Serenity. Not every job comes without a half truth to what situation they are getting themselves into. That was still the case here with one hell of a twist that no one could prepare for.

As I said last month, we are at that point in the book already where this art team has become comfortable with these characters, the level of action this series demands, and how to carry a story through the visuals. The quality of work put into the action sequences was solid, but once again it was the attention given to the characters which stood out. Like before, reactions and responses mattered a lot when everyone is involved in Mal and Zoe’s mess directly or indirectly. Emotions would of course boil over, and those who did have strong reactions were those who would normally stand out during times like this. I would also go so far as to say that most of the characters here held a stronger resemblance to their TV-counterparts, which will always be a factor that weighs on the artwork.

Firefly #3 was a heck of an eye-opener to what actually made Mal and Zoe so wanted after the events of the war. What they did had to be significant, and the reveal did not disappoint. The only question now is how they will get out of this in one piece. We know they will, but you always brace yourself for how that will happen.

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