Comic Book Review: Flash #14


It’s the start of a brand new story arc for The Flash. This is story arc that I have been waiting for since the start of The Flash for Rebirth. The Rogues have been a certain group of villains who made the wise choice of leaving Central City when they first heard that so many people had suddenly become speedsters. But that left some big questions when that wasn’t the case anymore. Where did they go to hide? What have they been up to this whole time? And what would be their agenda when the time came for them to make a return?

While I would question anyone who doesn’t know who The Rogues are at this point, it was still welcoming that the start of this new arc would catch you up on the need to know about who they are and how they formed. We got the necessities and luckily only that. In the end you can’t argue with the initiative taken to treat the start of each new arc like a first issue for new readers to have a place to jump in. The nice thing about ‘Rogues Reloaded’ is that this arc takes us once again back to the simple life of being a superhero. You have your familiar villains, you have the others who like to randomly pop out of the woodworks. Doing the simple things like robbing banks and petty crimes of the like.

Now at the same time the creative team here takes things a bit further. Really exploring the impact The Rogues have had on not only The Flash but on Central City as a whole. The simple fact that they have been out of the picture stirs more worries than it should in spite of anything good they have managed to do. For The Flash these worries almost borderline obsessive which is different for a hero like him. These aren’t the kind of villains who try to destroy the world or are anything close to gods, but here they are putting a hero like The Flash on edge about what they might possibly do next being out of the picture for so long. By the end of the issue you could see why The Flash would have something to fear even if things aren’t as they seem on the surface.

Through progress this creative team has found a good balance in the things that go on in the life of The Flash in contrast to the personal life he is still working on with Iris and Wally. They are taking the relationship building between these three very seriously which is best for the story moving forward. The Flash is great on his own, but he is even better with a supporting cast who he works well off of. They push Barry to be better at being Barry.

When it comes to the artwork for this new story arc, I was happy most of all that Carmine Di Giadomenico made his return. Of course I should say that there was nothing wrong with the artists who followed after Giadomenico, but nothing quite beats the original that you first warmed up to. Like I’ve said about his style before, his rough pencils are perfect for a story surrounding speedsters. That static effect which follow Flash and Kid Flash works very well in capturing the power that is consistently coursing through them as their powers are active. Its only really when Ivan Plascencia is on colors with when they get this in-depth with the way their powers are displayed. The slight blur as well was a good touch. Aside from this, the way both bring this down to Earth to give us a glimpse of what Central City thinks of The Rogues was engaging. You can’t simply say they were a menace to the city, sometimes you have to show the damage. The emotion expressed through the citizens spoke volumes. Every look and reaction mattered in being introduced to what is wrong about this team of villains.

Flash #14 was the best time for ‘Rogues Reloaded’. I guess you could call this their Rebirth story as well. It seems that just about everyone is getting that sort of treatment, so it was only a matter of time before The Rogues began making their presence known again, as they always do.

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