Comic Book Review: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 is that kind of book that you would recommend to readers who want superhero stories where the importance of the hero is what’s behind the mask. Fixing damages, carrying your groceries, or just being a friendly neighbor matters. This creative team gets that, and I can’t wait to see more of what this Spidey has to offer the people who surround him.

For this new Spidey series, I was very interested in seeing the kind of neighborly troubles Peter would have to deal with. This first one was one heck of a challenge to throw his way. Not in a bad way either. You could always expect that at some point he would have to dealt with a situation like this. Maybe not exactly like this, but along those lines. This was right up his alley as well when you consider the position he has been currently put into. A concussion, two kids dropped on his doorstep, a villain right outside of his room wearing no clothes, and numerous other unknown elements which keeps everyone on their toes. The way Peter handled himself here was one of the things to love about this series. This isn’t a version of Peter who has everything together. He’s prone to freaking out, having one too many close-calls, and doing a lot of his best work on the fly.

I’m not going to lie, I was truly caught off guard by the turn of events by the end of this issue. Some progress was made by Peter attempting to find who took his neighbor. Not too much, but he got somewhere before one heck of a bomb was dropped on our laps about something you would have never seen coming till it did. If I’m being honest, the eyes of said person did give some hints, but nothing could have ever guessed right away.

How Johnny Storm found himself involved in this may have been small, but it was the kind of entertainment value that you expect from this book. What is also so great about this book is the potential encounter such as this which are more of a possibility without too many questions asked. I mean who better to get a fun conversation out of than Peter and Johnny? The only way you could top this is if Bobby Drake was thrown into the mix. In-between all of this, I enjoyed that there was some endearing moments to take from this issue as well. One of the things that really sold me on this book was knowing that there would be interactions and introductions that are memorable for what you don’t see from some of the bigger stories. It matters being able to speak to regular people plainly. These are the people who you are trying to protect, and there’s no better way to connect with them than engaging with them like you are one of them. As long as this creative team keeps that consistent, they are on the right track in my book.

Juann Cabal and Nolan Woodard are crushing the art for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. This is a book that grabs your attention because the artwork is full of life and energy. The biggest thing for a book like this is making every flip of the page feel like the characters are engaging with you. We got that and so much more. Especially when it comes to the action scenes which pretty much jump right at you. You would think that Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man would mean that a lot of the day saving is low-key. Fortunate for us that has not been the case in the past two issues. The action is right in your face, and you can tell that this art team is really into what they are drawing. This goes double for Nolan Woodard. I feel like the colors he puts into this book are some of the best that I have seen from him so far. These colors are bold, exciting, and embrace the youthful view of the world that this Peter Parker has.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 was another thrilling issue for the steps we are taking in the life of this Peter Parker. He’s at that point in his life where everything is pretty much easier said than done.

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