Comic Book Review: Go Go Power Rangers #11


It was only a matter of time before the Go Go Power Rangers found themselves tangled in the chaos of Shattered Grid, and it was worth waiting for who would come to say hello. I’m sure that most were expecting that person to be Lord Drakkon, but the Ranger Slayer is the next best thing. A badass costume, even more when it comes to her zord that can do it all.

One thing about the previous issue that jumps at you is the way Matthew is finally brought into the story again, and turned into more of a problem than anything else. To throw himself into the midst of a giant robot clash because he thinks he has a role to play in helping? Probably the most absurd thing you could try to make sense of, and yet somehow they did something with Matthew here that was unexpected. Honestly, at this point I would have thought he would be written off to create less of a burden for the Rangers by now.

The future storyline so far has been a heartbreaker. We’ve seen many futures and alternate futures in the Power Rangers universe, but Lord Drakkon’s is the most bleak. Nothing crushes you more than when there technically is no Rangers and a lot of people known are dropping like flies for the sake of reclaiming their world. When it came to this storyline, I was wondering when they would get to the point in what happened here between the Pink Ranger we are seeing there in contrast to the one engaging the Rangers in the present. It was good to know that this was one of those situations where you just had to be patient with the writing to let the story tell itself, and at its own pacing.

The fight in the present was memorable for how far the Ranger Slayer took this team to the edge. Even if you know no one is going to bite the dust, that didn’t mean they weren’t able to feel fear towards the challenge they faced. Especially when this whole plot is centered around messing with space and time. If the fight between the two ended any other way than it did, I don’t think I would have believed it since the Ranger Slayer was sent with every possible counter to what the younger Rangers could offer. The many years between them was not wasted at all. What followed that fight on the other hand was heartwarming. I wasn’t expecting to go through such a roller coaster of emotions and in such a short amount of time. Knowing that this older version of Kimberly has much more to offer is a great change of pace right now in Shattered Grid.

This was all a great set-up as well when no matter what comes next, Rita is still a problem to deal with. The other Ranger teams don’t have to worry about this kind of outside interference, but this team does which adds a sense of urgency to figuring out what’s going on before its too late.

Now I don’t think the events of this issue would have hit as hard if it were not for the excellent job done by this art team. I feel like since the start of this series, Dan Mora has always been getting better as an artist, and this crossover event is where he really got his time to stretch his legs. I mean you look at the cover art for these issues and you would have to be blown away that you can flip over to the interior artwork and see that same quality of work put into it. Everything about the future scenes was so engaging through the unique design of this world and the emotion put into these characters and what they had to lose through their resistance. The action was thrilling, or explosive for a better visual, and then you had the creativity that went into the older Kimberly interacting with a world she once knew. It definitely looked like this art team had fun there. The same said for Mora goes for Raul Angulo as well. This guy also went above and beyond with his color work whether it was the rendering of the future city, the atmosphere he perfectly set for it, or the blockbuster look he gave everything going on in the Go Go Power Rangers’ present. Every issue involving the Ranger Slayer and her zord was so appealing because of the design and color scheme. It also goes without saying that Lord Drakkon’s continues to astonish as he keeps growing in power. His costume looked so simple before, and now? There’s not a character outside of the Ranger Slayer who looks cooler. His color scheme as well is an impressive blend of blacks, greens, white, and gold.

Go Go Power Rangers #11 had action, it had heart, and there was no shortage of emphasizing that this story has now been pulled into the crossover event. This team may not have come across Lord Drakkon yet, but everything matters right now when it comes down to the things that could potentially change the future, or send this team further down the path to where they are in present-present time.

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