Comic Book Review: Go Go Power Rangers #12


Go Go Power Rangers #11 changed the game in a big way for the young Rangers when they now have a fighting chance against the war coming to them. They haven’t been too involved due to the grey area that is the rules of time, but they have been slowly finding their own part to play when faced with a Ranger Slayer who ended up in the wrong place, but under better circumstances than what she was living before.

Given the what is the cover of this issue, it was expected that we would be able to see more of what created the Ranger Slayer now that she has been freed of her mind control and given a new purpose now that she can once again go after Lord Drakkon with stronger determination. That is a mouthful yes, but her story has been so well thought out to entangle the way that it does. Kimberly of the future, one of the last who was able to put up a fight, turned against her own, and fueled with fury after the realization of her manipulation. Even having this in mind, it was more engaging to actually be able to follow the timeline of events that led her to Lord Drakkon’s doorstep. I enjoyed the pacing taken towards getting answers. Never given too much at once, and just enough to call it progress. When the moment came for Kimberly to confront Lord Drakkon, It was a bold testament to Drakkon’s power when you have this visual of how he could conquer the mind of this Ranger who clearly became quite the deadly archer over time.

now I’m not going to lie, transitioning from the story of the Ranger Slayer, it was weird to get into it with this personal exploration of Jason’s life at home. The situation with his dad came out of left field, but it was nice to see that some of the others could have some real problems to deal with. For Jason, this was a big moment for him seeing how being the leader of a team has matured him enough to know when not to back down from an unreasonable request. Even when it has to do with keeping a heartbreaking secret from a loved one.

In the present, it was also surprising how quick it was that we would already be thrust into the latest scheme set into motion by Rita. I wasn’t prepared for more of the usual, but the great thing about this crossover so far is that it doesn’t distract too much from what was already unfolding beforehand. Namely when it comes to Matt and his continued interference in Power Ranger business. I’m glad that they finally wrapped up his involvement, even if it was heartbreaking. That aside, it was a good change of pace when it wasn’t the monsters this time that grabs your attention. It was the new power unlocked by the Rangers that is never seen before. A transformation that could only be accomplished through a crossover event such as this.

Now as for the Ranger Slayer’s new mission, that was the best twist to come of Shattered Grid so far. If there’s one thing that hasn’t been taken advantage of yet, it was time. Now was the best moment to prove the kind of impact that can have on this war, and they did not disappoint. You definitely want to see how this one ally could potentially change everything about the direction this story takes moving forward.

The artwork for this issue was spectacular. I think I’ve said it numerous times that Dan Mora and Raul Angulo have done their best work, and each time I have been proven wrong when the next big issue comes around. For Go Go Power Rangers #12, it was all the creative and new content created through Shattered Grid. Well that and how unique Rita’s monsters are becoming. Before I get into anything else, I do have to say that I have been blown away by these recent creations. Awesome hybrids, new combinations, and they pose greater dangers through what they are capable of. When it came to the Zords, the shining moment was the new Zord created in this issue. It may be a one-time thing, but you think of the most edgy creation and they nailed it in composition and armory. With that said, the pencil work was on point from start to finish. There was an incredible attention to detail given to the characters in particular which made all the difference when it came to the more powerful emotional moments. With the right light and perspective, the tone of every scene or look could be felt easily. Overall I felt like this was all in your face, and that is the best feeling when you’re in it for the action.

Go Go Power Rangers #12 continues to impress through a perfect balance of pushing its own story forward while finding new and interesting ways to walk the line of what’s going on in Shattered Grid. It’s all smart writing considering the respect towards how fragile this point in time is whether you are Lord Drakkon or the Rangers themselves.

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