Comic Book Review: Go Go Power Rangers #14


It kind of feels like forever since the last issue of Go Go Power Rangers despite the last one only being a month ago. Either way, this new story arc is already one that grabs our attention from the plot points that this creative team has been able to take off with. Shattered Grid had its effects on this series, but it never stopped the Rangers from having their moments here and there that would eventually become bigger. Right now there’s plenty that you have reason to invest in whether we are talking about their lives as Rangers, or their personal lives.

Picking up with Jason and Trini, the atmosphere changed quickly once arriving to their destination and facing the welcoming committee. For their first off-world adventure, this was an interesting choice for everything that was dangerous about the unknown. Perfect for challenging what it means for the Rangers to be separated like this for the first time in general. Not to mention upon arrival there was the twist that their powers switched. I was ready to find out what that meant for the two of them. Until then, there was the response we needed from their initial impressions. How they handled the creatures was fun, how they processed the environment around them was fitting for their mindset. The only thing that caught me off guard was forgetting for even a moment that there was still that air of “will they, might they” when it comes to how these two feel about each other.

For the other Rangers, it was good to see how this situation also mirrors how they were able to handle the similar situation of when Billy and Tommy found themselves lost in Lord Drakkon’s universe. A lot of the things we know that they would have to deal with in the future under these circumstances, they got to get a first taste of here. Meaning of course the way that they cover for each other’s absence, and the little things that would make such a task difficult. The problem that Kimberly and Zack faced was creative for the fact that communication is key for all of this to work.

Catching up with Rita again, you had to wonder what would bring her to a planet like this. From first contact, it did not seem like the kind of place where you would find a weapon or what not that could aid her. Certainly not when introduced to the indigenous people of these lands.It only stung that they are making sure that we wait for the answer to what Rita desires. Hopefully that patience is rewarded well since we know how this will all end for Rita at the end of the day. Back with Baboo and Squatt, that was a sub plot I didn’t see coming either for this story arc. It was fun to see what wheels they could get turning on their own to make their own plans, but there wasn’t too much investment in their plans since you know how things will also ultimately end for them. Still, its hard to say that it shouldn’t be worthwhile to see what they can accomplish when properly motivated to save their own butts.

The origin story that they gave Jason was unexpected at a time like this, but this series as a whole is one where you take advantage of those opportunities to explore what led some of these Rangers down the path they are on now. For Jason in particular it makes a big difference to understand how he came into karate, how he picked up on the respectable demeanor he has now, and why he has those moments where he loses control of himself.

There was a lot to take notice of from the art team this issue. This planet opened the doors to a lot of creative work from them, and the best you can do for the Power Rangers universe is tap into the extraordinary. Before I get into that, there was the fun that this art team clearly had in also being able to mess with the Rangers powers. Between Go Go Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin, this would be the second time where artists got the chance to color swap. In Mighty Morphin, everyone went green. In this case it was Trini and Jason switching colors and weapons. It was something to get used to, and it was cool to see how their style of fighting might change even if slightly to adjust to the swap. Now as for the planet they traveled to, as I said last issue it was a stunning scenery created through exotic wildlife and plantlife. The sky was set to the most gorgeous combination of warm colors that reflected the same beauty into the waters. The wildlife and inhabitants were creative as well in design. I would best describe the warriors we are introduced to as a slight cross between orcs and goblins. It meets in the middle while making them look more alien because of the color choice for their skin and tattoos.

Go Go Power Rangers #14 continued to take advantage of the thrill that comes with exploration. This is the Rangers’ first taste of off-planet adventure, their first taste of what it means to have to cover for one another, and this is yet another treat to what fruits Rita has to pick from her conquests.

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