Comic Book Review: Go Go Power Rangers #15


Go Go Power Rangers #14 continued to take advantage of the thrill that comes with exploration. This is the Rangers’ first taste of off-planet adventure, their first taste of what it means to have to cover for one another, and this is yet another treat to what fruits Rita has to pick from her conquests.

Not going to lie, still getting used to seeing Trini as the new Red Ranger and Jason as the new Yellow Ranger. Not the first time that stuff like this has happened in the Power Rangers universe, but definitely a first since this is from the early days. This issue was a long time coming for those who probably felt that they were spending just a bit too much time teasing what could be between Trini and Jason. Once you saw the cover to this issue, everything became trying to piece together what would get us to that point. The build-up was great. Every minute together was spent pushing the boundaries of this new connection they had. Under normal circumstances it wouldn’t be a problem if they all were able to be on the same wavelength about their thoughts, but this wasn’t one of those times. Both had their share of problems that they weren’t ready to share willingly.

Everything they read from each other’s minds cut the middle man and made it that much easier for these two characters to understand each other without the teenage drama interfering. This goes double for a kid like Jason who in general is not very good at expressing himself in any way that makes him feel questionable.

Following Rita and the warrior queen through the temple for this relic was quite the sequence of scenes they put together for the sorceress. These are the parts about Rita I love the most. When she’s not in her castle, there’s no limitation to where she can go, what she can do, and what we will discover about her days before it all became about destroying the Power Rangers. I was thrilled with another opportunity to see Rita showing exactly why she is to be feared in combat. Of course it makes me wonder why in the world she can’t take on the Power Rangers by herself, but you know how it is. How it is written, so it shall be. When the time came to reveal what Rita had hidden on this planet? That was the biggest shocker of the series so far. Who would have guessed something so monumental in the PR history could be sitting in a place like that all this time? There’s much I know about this weapon, but it definitely wasn’t that. That aside, the warrior queen also stood out among her own people. I admired the way she carried a presence around Rita that the others lacked. She wasn’t another stooge, and she could offer so much more for someone who can hold her own.

Other smaller developments did stand out, though they did not manage to grab your attention as much as everything else ongoing. Kimberley’s date with Skull was a bit awkward, but it was something they had to get through with for her to continue figuring herself out. Billy had some realizations to go through as well. Small, but you ultimately know where that will lead him too. As for the stooges back in Rita’s castle, the set-up for whatever they are scheming was enjoyable enough. Even if you know that whatever they do will inevitably fail. So the question till then is how.

This was another solid issue for the interior artwork. Like the issue before, it was the things going on in this other planet that stood out the most. Everything about distinction to this race of peoples on this planet, the chaos that broke loose in the temple, even the obstacles was exciting. The execution of each scene was perfect. The confidence from Rita, her combat prowess put to the test. You simply want  more of it. As for Trini and Jason, I enjoyed the way they tackled the emotional depth to their scenes. They joke, they get into their mission, but they also reveal a lot of vulnerabilities that they could only wear on their sleeves given this connection. The actual page where they kissed had the same quality to it as we saw in the cover. That much I’m glad they made sure they sold above all. The colors made a big difference there in setting the mood. The kind of kiss that makes you see pretty lights and scenery in your background.

Go Go Power Rangers #15 was a great issue for everything that this story arc has been leading to for Rita, Trini, and Jason. Nothing about the end product that we got from them was anything you would have seen coming last month. This relationship is refreshing, and what Rita recovered was a big treat to longtime fans.

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