Comic Book Review: Go Go Power Rangers #17


New story arc time for the Go Go Power Rangers! This is a book that I can’t help but recommend to most Power Rangers fans, because who doesn’t want the opportunity to explore the early days of the Rangers? This isn’t anything like the movie where the story is rushed, forced into being edgy, or progressive for the sake of it. This is a true origin in motion that takes what you know about the Rangers and gives them a believable story which fills in all the gaps.

For this chapter in the lives of these Rangers, that major gap just so happens to be the creation of the Green Power Ranger. So far this has been my favorite development considering how it came out of nowhere, and yet had a strong process to getting us to that point. Who would have thought Rita to have created this so long ago? To lock it away on a planet so far away, and have it guarded by a unique race of aliens we have never encountered before till now? I felt convinced that this is something that this creative team put a lot of thought into. Especially when making it so that even creating this Green Ranger is easier said than done even with the coin currently in her possession. For this month it was interesting how the flashback weaved into the plot. We got the best of both worlds learning something new about Rita while at the same time seeing what it would take for Rita to fully claim this power that would even the playing field for her against the Rangers.

After their adventure in space, it only felt right that this new story arc would take the Rangers down to Earth to experience more real world problems. Namely those involving their lives in school. One of the best selling points for this series continues to be the struggles they find in balancing their lives as Rangers and students. Jumping back in during a time where their school work matters most was wise for the sake of creating tension. Particularly for those among the group who don’t have as much direction as the others. This balance also extends to their personal lives which still had room for exploring. I’m impressed that even the smallest scene gives a lot of insight into what some of them are going through. When it came to taking action? Exciting as usual for the way that these Rangers jump into the fray and do more than flips and kicks.

The brilliance of this book that holds consistency is the flashbacks that tells us so much more backstory to Rita than we deserve. This issue gave us a scene which was one for the history books when experiencing a moment from Rita’s past that says so much about her upbringing and connection to Zordon that you could not have assumed before. Groundbreaking is the word I want to use and credit where it is due that someone is taking the time to update this villainess from just being the witch in the castle on the moon.

For a book like this, you can tell that this art team has some fun being able to breathe life into so many aspects of this universe that has never been touched upon before. It was a unique design that they chose for both Zordon of the past and for who they chose to represent what Rita’s people look like. The coloring for said person said a lot about how the apple fell far from the tree. Details mattered as well when it came to accessories which has now given Rita more of a traditional look to her. The rendering of her planet as well spoke volumes to the direction she took in life. Coloring made a big difference when her planet look a bit more depraved than the last planet we visited in the previous arc. What I enjoyed most in this issue was again the scenes used to highlight the pageantry in being a Ranger. The transformation matters, as well as making everything in their arsenal visible/available to them when necessary.

Go Go Power Rangers #17 is full of all sorts of twists and turns whether from the perspective of the Rangers or Rita. This new chapter has started with a bang and gives us a lot to anticipate next month. This month has proved that Rita is willing to flip every stone to get what she wants, and the Rangers learn that their list of allies is not as small as it seems.

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