Comic Book Review: Go Go Power Rangers #5


The events of Go Go Power Rangers #4 put the Rangers through some loops to figure out what they can accomplish on their own, as a team, and what still holds them back from settling into their roles as Earth’s protectors. So far this series has proved to be perfect for capturing these Rangers during times where a lot about their lives are uncertain. Including a side of Rita that is more driven and creative at the peak of her drive to conquer.

Every story with Rita I find myself appreciating more each time. There so much to learn about her character beyond creating the next scheme of the week or monster. Rita is a villain who had to have done some noteworthy stuff to gain the reputation that she currently holds. She also is a villain who has to have time beyond the moon and outside of trying to conquer Earth in particular. Now her actions this issue were when things got a bit twisted. It wasn’t anything too shocking when it was revealed that Rita had plan for Matthew, but it was when seeing how Rita could manipulate him into working her way into the Rangers’ circle of trust. You would think Finster’s creations had their limit in adapting to those around them, but this one was a delightful surprise. Knew exactly what to do and say around the right people to get a desired reaction.

Getting back to the Rangers, it was beneficial that we would see them more in the training phase than anything else. They do learn things at their own speed and when it counts the most. I only have my problem with Zordon’s way of teaching, but who am I to argue? It meant more to me to see that not everyone was keen on the way things were working as well. This came at a price, though I do prefer when they are pushing each other than to see Zordon failing at what he thinks he contributes. Rough patches were up ahead for this team and they probably hit the biggest one they could when someone’s life is in danger, and they suffer from a fractured bond from not being on the same page. As for their real lives, the world keeps turning and it is smart writing for us to experience what both lives have to offer. In the Mighty Morphin series they have reached a place where the focus can be placed on being Rangers, but this is still a big transitional phase for the kids. Especially when it doesn’t take much to bring out that high school drama that you know is unavoidable for some of them.

There was one development with Billy that I liked most for the fact that it connects both Power Rangers series. It makes a big difference for details in both stories to match even if considered small. With that said, it was as a whole a good scene for Billy having a family that we don’t often get to see much of. I hope that I speak for most when I say that they are doing good work at the moment being able to spotlight more than the Red Ranger. That cliche of always focusing on the leader can be troublesome and the good thing is that they notice this too.

With each passing issue there is something new to admire from the artwork. That ability to be taken where we haven’t gone before makes the Power Rangers’ comics so valuable. Starting with Rita’s own conquests. I was not expecting to see a whole new race of people or what war really looks like for Rita. This took some creativity, and I can tell they are enjoying every opportunity they get to show that Rita is not someone you want to face in person. Her magic is dangerous and not something to underestimate as simply parlor tricks or a way to make monsters grow. Pushing boundaries with what can be done with these Zords is some of the best work from the art team considering the fun in what they can do as individuals rather than relying on the Mega Zord. Of course the time for that will come, but for now there are so many tricks and capabilities to explore that keeps the action refreshing. The big thing for this issue was the focus on the training. The simulator and what not has been a great addition to the series. Things that they should have had more use of in the show that the books are able to integrate more flawlessly. The digital effect going on and out helps to distinguish between what is going on there and what is not.

The bit with Bulk and Skull I found myself impressed with because they weren’t doing anything significant, but their actions were humorous enough and handled without distracting from everything else crucial going on.

Go Go Power Rangers #5 takes the high school experience and cranks the dial when adding saving the world to the list. This team is learning the hard way that this is all trial and error for both of their lives and that is the hardest reality check you could receive. Especially when danger is right around the corner. Early days don’t mean easier days which is the best you can ask for from this series.

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