Comic Book Review: Grass Kings #3


Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins’ “Grass Kings” reaches a high point with a lot being revealed to us. Read on for our review of “Grass Kings” #3.

On their own, Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins are two of my favorite creators in comics right now. In my mind, this collaboration is a no brainer and thankfully “Grass Kings” has been everything I wanted and more. “Grass Kings” #3 is a big issue for this series as far as reveals go and continues to be one the most visually unique books going right now.

“Grass Kings” #3 brings us back to Robert and Maria. Maria is beginning to really come out of her shell and she has begun to trust Robert and the people who live in the Grass Kingdom a bit more. In this issue, we learn why she’s running and who she’s running from and it brings a lot of things into perspective.

“Grass Kings” #3 is really where I think this series has taken on its full form. There are a ton of answers delivered in quick succession and now we’re aware of what the stakes really are so now things can simply fall into place. “Grass Kings” has managed to combine a lot of different things into one beautiful tale. It tackles domestic violence and loss all through the lens of an independent nation-state within a bigger one. These settings are typically ones that completely turn me off because of the way they are handled but with “Grass Kings” #3 especially, it’s become more about these people and preserving a way of life that ultimately isn’t causing any harm. It’s a story about atonement with a dash of revolution thrown in. “Grass Kings” #3 moves fast but there’s so much rising tension in this issue that will make the wait until issue four utter torture.

Tyler Jenkins art continues to be incredibly unique. His use of watercolors is such a right fit for this kind of story. He really takes you into the setting as you feel like you’ve been transported to somewhere rustic and left behind. The Grass Kingdom is very much in its own time and world and through dusky but soft watercolors, that come through. Jenkins’ linework is amazing as every character has a distinct look and reacts uniquely. Robert is the most interesting character to look at as Jenkins draws him with such tangible vulnerability that enhances his personal arc.

“Grass Kings” #3 is another excellent issue of this very special ongoing series still in its early stages. Kindt and Jenkins have something heartfelt and unique on their hands and I cannot wait for the next issue.

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A gripping, emotional read that delivers a lot of much needed answers.

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