Comic Book Review: Halo: Collateral Damage #1


It always warms my heart when there’s another new Halo comic coming out. Most never understand this feeling when everything must be spoon-fed in one medium alone. Through the comics and novels, the Halo Universe has been taken above and beyond to places not only possible in the games. That is why every new installation in the franchise is something to appreciate like this story which further treats the fans who can’t get enough of the OG Spartans in action.

The big question for this series was wondering when this all took place. Master Chief and Blue Team were working together before the events of Halo 5, but that didn’t have to mean around that point since the plot makes it sound as if the Covenant is still going strong. Not to mention there is a lack of Promethean presence. This actually taking us back to the very early days was the shocker. I don’t think anyone would expect that we would jump so far back in time. Not a bad thing at all, with that said. The early days are not something to overlook when so many Spartans were on the rise to greatness. It was the time of trial and error, while also coming to terms with the fact that not even a Spartan is untouchable in battle.

This point in time they had chosen was smart because this was a crucial time for the SPARTAN-II Program. Their first mission was a start, but what came next was the dealbreaker. That even I found myself looking forward to for the tension alone. With so much at stake here, there was little room for error or further concerns to arise about the program.

How they proceeded with this mission on Alpha Corvi II was interesting for the fact that this was another good example of what made Spartans so admirable. Any one of them could simply take orders and do as their told, but that would be no fun. When you’re dealing with Chief, you know that he is going to act on his instincts and gut. This allowed for a team-up that would not have worked under different circumstances. This battle in general was a good step taken towards humanity getting their crap together about their common enemy.

Seeing Dr. Halsey at this early age was like looking at a different person entirely. For starters she has both of her arms, but there was more ambition within the rules to take notice of. There was much more drive to prove herself among her peers than where she found herself presently when overwhelmed by the need to know everything about the universe’s secrets. That aside, I enjoyed the small things they added here and there like the tech advancements. It made a big difference to see that with each battle they were progressing and adapting to things that wouldn’t have given them an edge before.

Normally I would look forward to some breathtaking artwork, but seeing how this new mini is a trip to the past, there wasn’t too much expectation about this reaching that level. I was more concerned with the art team producing work that was distinguishable. To that extent I found the interior art satisfying. There was nothing too defined about the pencils or the detail in the characters, but at the very least you could tell who was doing what. Some things did stand out with perspective. A few panels where the MJOLNIR armor and vehicles looked great. I could only hope that with the issues to follow that there is a bit more consistency. This first issue could easily just be them finding their footing.

Halo: Collateral Damage #1 is a great start to a mission that changes a lot about the war between humanity and the Covenant. A good feeling overall to be back at a point where the rules of engagement were pretty simple. The Spartans are evolving in the way they battle, and the Covenant aren’t ceasing in their relentless acts of aggression against the defenseless colonies.

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