Comic Book Review: Harbinger Wars 2 #3


Right now we have seen just how far both sides of this war are willing to go to fight for the people they protect. With this being issue #3, there is a bit more expectation about progress and intensity moving forward. That means more risks taken, less delegating, and seeing that this is actually a war from the perspective of the psiots. Livewire may have initiated this war, but it is the rest of the psiots who also have to step up and do their part.

Speaking of big moves, it was shocking that when Livewire and Bloodshot were about to make theirs, they ran into the most unexpected encounter for this war. Seeing the Geomancer helping G.A.T.E. to power their ship was a question that you quickly wanted answers to. However, before that, the story she had to tell was heartbreaking if you were familiar with her travels up to this point. It had a beginning, an end, and a reason for it when she was confronted by Bloodshot. His reaction pretty much matches our own when again you want to know how she got tangled up in this, and how they could pull off this part of their plan while dealing with a kid. How she responded to his entrance was the big shocker of course. If you were bracing for anything less than what she actually unleashed in the moment, then you don’t know Tama very well.

So then there was still the kid whose psiot powers were rampaging across a small town. This was the part that I wasn’t completely sold on because it took away from the actual engagement between the psiots and everyone else. I’m just glad that there was a point to the escalation of events through Ninjak and X-O Manowar seeing how someone like Palmer tries to handle psiots. One thing was always nagging me since the start of this event, and that was how no one was aware of what soldiers like him are doing to kids. How they aren’t aware that it takes no effort at all for a guy like Palmer to pull the trigger and act like these kids aren’t human. NInjak’s response in particular stood out because this is a guy who doesn’t take child endangerment lightly. Only then could I understand how this issue would become the point where Ninjak could get a crucial new role in the heart of it all.

Now speaking of Ninjak’s role, X-O Manowar’s role was a different story entirely. Both of them had two very different experienced her which either changed or reinforced their side taken. For Aric, it was quite the horror show he walked into when seeing exactly how far Livewire was willing to go to get a win. She may not be acting directly in this phase, but she is pulling the strings unforgivably.

This issue I felt was a big step up in contrast to the previous two. I like this art team’s work, but it did not feel fitting for this kind of story having a lack of clarity and being too dark. I’m not saying we need bright and flashy, but we also do need a proper visual of these events to feel engaged. It didn’t feel like we were getting that before, and there was a lack of emotion seen from these characters as well. I dare to say they came off as flat. This issue was a big step forward in capturing how invested these characters are in their part of this war. They nailed the innocence of the kids, the monster that Bloodshot was becoming for Livewire, and the violent nature of Palmer that was revealed when confronting a young pisot. So with that said, I liked that there was better form given to the creature this kid created in that small town. The new form that Bloodshot took was terrifying and the most unique thing I’ve seen from this character next to the creative ways he can leave a pile of bodies.

I was looking forward to big things unfolding in this third issue of Harbinger Wars 2, and to that extent I was not disappointed. Everyone in some way showed their true colors here and that said a lot about what is at stake in this war. Some things that happened here you wish could have been the same when the first war happened, or when the “massacre” happened.

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