Comic Book Review: Hawkman #3


We may walk away with a few more questions than answers last issue, but sometimes a good mystery is exactly what you need to see a story like this through to the end. Especially when all of these new discoveries are as groundbreaking to us as they are to Hawkman himself. The impression that has stuck with me so far is how this reads like Indiana Jones. This issue in particular was one to look forward to when he finally takes a trip to the prehistoric side, and who knows what this guy could run into on his travels.

It was exciting to see what its like for a hero like Hawkman to encounter a dinosaur. The fight was not at all as I imagined it would go for someone of his strength, but interesting nonetheless. I was more impressed that so quickly this issue could just jump straight into the thick of the next chapter. Since the first issue I have pointed to the pacing of this series which shows an understanding of the kind of story it wants to be and the kind of audience that you want to feel invested. The worst thing you could do is spend too much time in one place. After they set the urgency for Hawkman to figure out the mystery of his past and purpose, it instantly became important for everything to progress from one point to the next. The speech boxes weren’t a problem for me because it didn’t clutter, and you weren’t spending too long reading what he was thinking in those moments. There was equal amount of time that you could put into both paying attention to his actions and his words.

The name of the game here was exploration and discovery. To that extent I felt satisfied with what we got out of this issue. On the personal side, there was the establishing of the motivation by Carter to get ahead of this mystery before time catches up with him. I enjoyed the perspective they gave to him asking the questions he hasn’t before about his history. It may also to some extent be difficult understanding how he could forget his own purpose over time, but the rules to reincarnation aren’t quite written in stone.

As for the exploration of the destination that his new clue was leading him to, it was cool to be met with obstacles that really pushed Hawkman to the physical limit. If you thought he was a pushover, what he goes through in a short amount of time said otherwise. That’s not to say that I don’t think this race of bird people who force him to fight to prove he’s the one true Hawkman was the only way to test him (plenty heavy hitters could do the same and more effectively), but the fight itself was exciting for what new tricks he had up his sleeve. With that said, where this all leads for the next location on his mission,that was the highlight of this issue. Mainly for the fact that once again boundaries are broken for this Hawkman as he’s transported across the galaxy to the last place-and person-he expected to find. I know that this person is supposed to be big for Hawkman and Hawkman fans, but the impact wasn’t all there for someone who is kind of new to his world. Regardless, a bold move for who he would run into next. It made sense considering Carter needs to encounter those with major relevance to his timeline.

There was a lot to admire about the interior artwork for Hawkman #3. This art team tapped into a proper sense of engagement that you expect from this adventure. Having a penciler like Bryan Hitch is nothing but beneficial for a series like this when he does not skip a beat detailing these characters and the world around them. He makes everything important that you take notice of in each scene and panel. That Indiana Jones vibe? That’s what I get when I see the way he captures the natural beauty of these settings. Then you have the combined efforts of Alex Sinclair and Jeremiah Skipper who breathe life into it all through colors that makes it all pop. There’s a bold vibrancy to their colors, while at the same time organic where it matters most. I liked how much natural lighting played into the visuals as well. That is how you convince people of the darkness of night, the blue hue of the skies, and the warmth of dawn. What really impressed mew as how the art team as a whole pulled off this army of bird people. Excellent uniformity, and such attention to detail between them where you couldn’t help but take notice of the time that went into the feathered appearance.

Pacing, action, and discovery made Hawkman #3 another standout issue. This plot has picked up in momentum and it has been for the best that they haven’t let go of that momentum yet. That is what keeps us at the edge of our seats not knowing what to expect along with Carter Hall.

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