Comic Book Review: Hawkman #6


It’s good timing that the new issue of Hawkman should release so close to the now passed Hawkman Day celebration. Impressive that a character like this has picked up such a following that continues to grow because of this series. I never even thought I would be the kind of guy to get sucked in by Carter Hall’s story, and where it has taken him so far. Currently that would be the depths of the Microverse with the Atom (Ray Palmer),

Where this issue picked up, the fun only increased once Atom revealed that he had the ability to grow in the Microverse. I always wondered what all the fuss was about when everyone was getting hyped about these two reuniting. Now I know. It started off with the genuine friendship that was captured when these two crossed paths, then the emphasis on their growth from where they started, then the excitement from what these two are capable of when pushed to their limits. This was a good challenge for Carter this time around. He’s had some obstacles, but none more aggressive than a living planet that was fighting against him every step of the way to get to the next clue. Fortunately, an army of volcanic monsters was not at all a match for the mission that these two were on. I think what I admired most was the build-up in intensity that never stopped until getting to the finish line.

No matter how this chapter ended for Carter, the core focus of the story told was worthwhile. For everything he may be unsure about , there was no denying the things you can’t ignore like a friendship such as what he has with Ray. Its memorable when you can take a step back with some of these heroes and remember that they are real people who can appreciate the little things like us. The situation doesn’t change what’s underneath.

What Hawkman found this time around was not at all what you were imagining when thinking of a weapon that could help him defeat the Deathbringers. It wasn’t what you pictured, but it didn’t mean it wasn’t a cool discovery. I was shocked that an object like this could have been hidden away in the Microverse. Probably wise that it was forgotten in a place where greedy hands couldn’t reach it. By the end of the issue it was clear that this was another tool that would take Carter where the secret of his origin could be revealed, but I still hold out hope that there is more to what this thing has to offer him. It really takes him outside of his comfortzone to know that artifacts of such extravagance can be accessed and befitted from.

Some readers might be a bit disappointed that you don’t actually get to the origin story in this issue, but it is good pacing that this is the case. For the reunion that Carter has had with his friend, that needed our full attention from meeting to farewells. It’s memorable because it was not a fleeting moment that came and went. Now, the next issue can have our full attention when there is nothing but Carter’s true origin to enjoy, as well as a possible proper introduction to this enemy.

Just when you think this art team couldn’t further blow you away, then comes this issue where they prove that wrong. The art simply popped when jumping back into this clash of titans between a giant Atom and Moz-Ga’s army. The Atom is not the kind of hero you would associate with superstrength or seeming larger than life, but Bryan Hitch and Jeremiah Skipper made it happen. Everything about that action sequence popped whether it was the punches or the excellent use of perspective. I mean for a fight of this size, they put a lot of work into putting everything in your face. Some artists might dial back the view in order to try to fit everything going on, but they made sure that every action could be captured up close and personal. It was good to feeling engaged by the sense of urgency that Atom was experiencing. Not to mention you could enjoy the detail that goes into these colossals between the texture, the debris knocked off of them, and the way that they connected to the earth around them. The reveal of what was hidden in Moz-Ga was a visual treat. This artifact was sleek and advanced for something that was used so long ago. The design was creative as well when like most things you would expect it to have a bird theme to it.

Hawkman #6 brings another chapter to a close for Carter Hall. This objective was daring, it was rewarding, and it was full of sincerity towards the meaning of having a friend you can count on. I was never prepared to actually get the origin in this issue, and that was fine since there was so much else to enjoy in the perfect climatic setting.

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