Comic Book Review: Hawkman #9


With every passing issue of Hawkman, you are always left wondering, “How will they top this”? Somehow this creative team will manage to catch you off guard by their ability to step up to the plate time after time. This series of unfortunate events in the life cycle of Hawkman is one that you almost wish never ended. I mean, who wouldn’t want a series that just took us through every reincarnation without worrying too much about an end game? All good things do come to an end whether it was moving on from the reuniting of Carter and Ray Palmer, or the introduction of Catar-Ol. All of which has led us to this point where it is time to put all this information and discovery to use when it matters most.

As thrilling as Carter Hall’s adventures through his past have been, it was only a matter of time before he made his return to the present to confront the approaching Deathbringers whose arrival has been inevitable. Who Carter ended up turning to in his time of need was actually a well executed scene because this brought us full circle from where this adventure first began. When this point came, honestly I could not help but feel like we came a long way since then. It may have only been about eight issues, but so much has happened between then and now. That says a lot about how much this creative team has been able to accomplish for such a monumental story told exploring the true history of Hawkman.

Following the mindset of Carter was as intense as could be when the urgency was kicking into overdrive from the very start of this issue. Some readers could expect the guy to have more confidence in what he has to do to stop the Deathbringers, but how can you when the very weapon needed to accomplish this task was both unfinished and blown up with an entire planet? For as heartwarming as the introduction to Catar-Ol of Krypton was, it was easily eclipsed by the reality of this situation which Carter faces.

Pacing once again was on the side of this story when very little time was wasted in Carter desperately trying to put the pieces together before he was out of time. As the clues suggested between the synopsis and the cover image, we had the entrance of the Deathbringers to look forward to this month. I enjoyed how like everything about this adventure so far, this point in time came out of nowhere. There was no preparing yourself for what was to come. Only bracing yourself for what came next after the Deathbringers finally arrived. The reaction from Carter said it all when there was some new tricks unleashed that were nothing like what we witnessed when following the early days of Ktar. Not to mention the look on his face after encountering the one person pulling the strings who has had plenty of time to stew on his betrayal.

Overall, I would say that the interior work for this issue was solid. It was a great mix of consistency and excellence. For about half of this issue the pencil work was solid for the focus on just Carter and who he turned to for help, and then the other half was more amazing work from Bryan Hitch as he made everything about the Deathbringers the highlight of this issue. He struck a brilliant balance between these giants looking like technological marvels, while at the same time giving them that angel of death presence. The lack of facial features has been a great choice as well for stripping away any sense of humanity or conscious. All you had were these strong, red, glowing lights which created a sense of intimidation. Jeremiah Skipper as a whole made sure that these colors consistently gave this story a lively atmosphere. Once again I was also blown away by the patience which Hitch puts into drawing a lot of things going on in select panels without sacrificing quantity for quality. The same went for the fully rendered backgrounds that this art team gave us as a whole. That has been very important for creating engaging.

Hawkman #9 was a fast read, but all the same got us to where we need to be when the Deathbringers make their presence know on Earth. Great set-up, execution, and finishing things off with a taste of what we have to anticipate when it is all or nothing against a force that is deadlier than what we were led to believe initially. Never take for granted a book that knows how to keep you at the edge of your seat between mysteries and revelations.

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