Comic Book Review: Heroes in Crisis #6


Being issue #6 for Heroes in Crisis, we are reaching the last stretch of this story. That means bigger expectations for those of us who want to see less transparency to this mystery or what we aren’t yet fully understanding about Sanctuary. Fortunately for us this month’s issue aimed at answering one of those desires.

This sixth chapter of Heroes in Crisis went a bit differently than some of the others. The issues before tried to cover a lot of things about this story at the same time, but this one was approached with a stronger focus towards getting a deeper look into the inner workings of Sanctuary. For how far we have come in this story, it was important that we were able to understand such things as these heroes reliving their trauma through virtual reality, contending with the events that brought them there in the hope of reaching a meaningful resolution. And from there we learned so much more when it came to the characters they decided to use as the focal point for this exploration. Normally with the one-on-one scenes, there’s a general topic for what the characters are asked. The topic for this issue was a bit out there, though the varied answers made up for it. I would actually say that the entries at the very end stood out more for the way that the heroes responded to something that just can’t be answered one way.

One of those characters in particular was smart to use because I think we all questioned at one point or another why Harley Quinn of all people would be allowed into Sanctuary. The answer to that question was satisfying since the last thing you ever would have wanted from a series like this is to have Harley Quinn involved in this with little reason at all. Part of the answer you could have figured out for yourself, but the other half you simply chalked it up to her doing what she wants. That aside, I appreciated that in this chapter they are also prioritizing creating a balance to Harley as well. It does her no favors if there is no reason to take her part in this seriously. If she’s going to be in Sanctuary, then there had to be some things that she would deal with on her end. She isn’t the picture of perfect health, even being self-aware of her issues.

The other character who probably needed to stand out at this stage of the story was Wally West. His story has more impact than most because he genuinely represented the kind of trauma that a hero would need to recover from. This is a hero who went through more than his fair share of obstacles as a speedster. He was lost in time and forgotten by everyone he loved. He came back and couldn’t measure up to everything that he was supposed to represent upon his return. All of this just barely scratches the surface of his woes either. As always, there is a third person explored as well. This one I was unfamiliar with, and unfortunately that made it a bit hard to connect with this person’s story the way I would have liked to. The dialogue from said character was poetic, but that didn’t change how odd this choice was with so many others to choose from. If I was being fair, then I could say that this choice was bold for the establishing of how every hero is welcomed into a place like Sanctuary.

Heroes in Crisis #6 was also different from the others because it was tag teamed by Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads, with Tomeu Morey of course on colors. With Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey there was more of the same, but my attention was mostly pointed towards what Gerads had to being to the table. Off the bat it was great that his style was not too drastically different from Mann’s pencils. The best way to take a reader out of a story is by the visuals changing too much. By no means do they approach drawing these characters or scenes the same way, but they both put a lot of effort into making the atmosphere personal. Meaning that these characters are expressive, they are full of personality, and they wear their emotions on their sleeves.

This issue will leave you just a bit split because you got everything you could have wanted about the inner workings of Sanctuary, but everything else such as what created this crisis or who that hero actually is, you still have to wait for. Even if the events of Heroes in Crisis #6 somewhat tell you who that hero actually is, nothing was actually revealed as fact just yet. Till then, this was an engaging issue for the characters who this creative team decided to focus on.

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