Comic Book Review: Hit-Girl #1


The announcement of the new Kick-Ass may have been the object of excitement for many, but it was that of this new Hit-Girl mini that excited me. I mean who doesn’t love this Punisher-meets-Polly-Pocket as they call it? She’s all about the thrill and freedom that comes with fighting for justice in this world. When it was established that Dave fully retired as Kick-Ass, I wanted to know what happened to Hit-Girl.

I was delighted by the answer because for Mindy she is only getting started in her career as a hero. Sure there was some substance to Mindy struggling to see if she could adjust to a normal life for a girl her age. However, that’s not Mindy. Not in the slightest. The fun from start to finish in this first issue was Mindy trying to figure out what next. How does she move forward without Dave? He may have been her sidekick, but he was also someone who was able to fill in that void when her father was killed. I did not think it would be so funny to see how desperate she was to find a replacement. That first attempt was brilliant for the fact that she would think any regular person could deal with her training regimen. While personally I do think that Hit-Girl might be better as a solo act, now is the best time for her to figure out these things for herself.

This mother seeking vengeance for the murder of her child was the perfect opportunity for Hit-Girl to stretch her legs. That someone would reach out to her from that distance was impressive. One thing we never got enough of was the outside world’s perspective on her actions. The shocker was what means Hit-Girl would take to destroy the killer who murdered the woman’s son. Breaking Colombia’s most feared hitman out for her own purposes was not something you would expect from her. Her reasons included. How she got him is a different story as we all needed a reminder of what she is capable of when not taken seriously.

Some were probably looking forward to something serious here, but that would not have gotten the same reaction as their approach to this new story. Hit-Girl has fully embraced her role as a hero through reputation and resources. Heavy emphasis on the resources because that room looked like it was on some Final Fantasy arsenal stuff.

Despite Romita being one of the creators for Hit-Girl, I’m actually glad that Ricardo Lopez Ortiz was the artist they went with, alongside Sunny Gho on colors. If you know me then I’m not too much of a fan of Romita’s style of artwork. So seeing a different art team was a big plus. Ortiz and Gho nail the kind of Hit-Girl we love to see. One who isn’t weighed down by the dramas of her ordinary life or consumed by the loss of her father. Mindy fully embraces the excitement in her brand of justice whether it is the perks of her arsenal, or the fear she can strike in even the most deadly of killers. That smirk of hers made me smile because I was ready for what came after it. Having bolder colors as well was welcomed when you expect Mindy’s story to have more energy put into it. Not to mention when things get bloody, you don’t want to feel as though they are pulling punches. Her most violent act in this issue was just delightful for the lack of empathy put into it, and the joy Hit-Girl had when making an example of someone.

The little monster has made her return in a big way. Hit-Girl #1 was everything you could have hoped for when asking what happens when she’s off on her own. Does she find a proper replacement for Dave? Hell no. Does age calm the beast within? Not one bit. With no power comes no responsibility and Hit-Girl is exercising that freedom in every way possible.

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