Comic Book Review: Hit-Girl #4


Hit-Girl is not the little girl to mess with. Just when I thought there was a limit to her madness, there they go crossing new boundaries. The previous issue was perfect for the opportunity to see just what happens when Mano tries to cross Hit-Girl. That is of course easier said than done when she has thought of everything. When that issue ended with her revealing the next target to be everyone, anticipation was never higher for what comes next for this end to the first story arc.

This final issue to the story arc is where things get real. It was one thing when Hit-Girl was pulling Mano’s strings to take out his enemies, but dropping the charade to reveal her end game put all the cards on the table. That was where you could say that she was completely let off of her leash. I was impressed that even after everything these two already did in just the span of three issues, the fourth could still offer so many different ways to give us a gorefest. They did not lie when they said that is what this climax would turn into on this Colombian adventure. How this ended for Mano was quite poetic for him and Camila. They both technically got what they wanted in the end, even if it wasn’t how they wanted it.

Mano was an interesting character for how he has been caught in Hit-Girl’s orbit. Hit-Girl despite being a hero in her own right, is without question a little monster. The very definition of what it means to be a small package of evil, though on the side of angels so to speak. With that said, the way Mano responds to this madness really created that contrast between killer and monster. I mean both have lines they wouldn’t cross, but he is still not as bloodthirsty which is saying something. I’m just glad that at the end of the day there was still nothing to redeem about him. In a world where there is only black and white, he was still the villain standing next to Hit-Girl.

For Camila, it was nice to see what has been going through her head from start to finish. It takes someone desperate for justice to call upon the likes of Hit-Girl to deliver her brand of violence. Some could easily be thrown off by her focus on faith, but in a world like this you would struggle with that as well when taking in more of darkness than you would like. In her case, this was all about finishing what she started. If you went this far, would you turn back so effortless? I know I wouldn’t, and that is what makes Camila an understandable character compared to everyone else. The world may have twisted a good person, but even then she was nothing like everyone else who has completely been lost.

The art team did not disappoint when this finale was hyped up to be a bloodbath. I have been highly impressed by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz’s style in making this cartoony, and yet fairly graphic. He struck a perfect balance between the two which captured the best of this ridiculous series of slaughters. I mean that devilish grin from Hit-Girl alone made my day the first time she started taking lives, and that set the tone till the very end. She has fun with what she does best, and in turn so were we able to. Even for this finale to the story arc, the creativeness still didn’t stop either between the way they killed the gang members and the weapons they also used to do so. The sky is truly the limit for her and this series only benefits from taking a less grounded approach.

Hit-Girl #4 brings us to the end of our first destination for Mindy, and this was one hell of a spectacle. Mark Millar and this creative team fully embraced everything that is absurdly violent about this world. There has never been a time to love Hit-Girl more than when she is on her own and having no one to tell her she is too much. Canada beware.

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