Comic Book Review: Hulk #9


These are defining times for Jennifer Walters as a new kind of Hulk. And I should say how much I appreciate this series because it is simply the world of Hulk from a different perspective. Some people might complain and cry about agenda, but they aren’t reading this right if that is all they see. There’s no replacing Hulk when everyone with gamma running through their veins has a Hulk inside of them. Well to be factual, they ARE a Hulk. Some just deal with that differently than others, which we are learning all over again through Jennifer.

Now I did say it seems like Jennifer has figured out the kind of Hulk she is, but the question still remains what kind of live she is trying to live regardless. This whole thing is one big experience to her as this problem is up her alley, but it certainly doesn’t mean she wants to play superhero. Truthfully I like stories like this because the person is simply trying to do the right thing without the need for the tights or persona. This is Jenn trying to help someone who needs to be comforted rather than off scared of the monster he is becoming. At a point I was going to say that this issue was dragging a bit, but it was following the struggle of Oliver which grabs you. Jennifer has her problems, but it is Oliver who is losing control. The big question for him was if they could find an antidote, and if it would even work. The answer stung a bit when you wanted to feel hopeful that things would get better. In this issue at least.

Like I said above, some people have their problems with change, and to some extent don’t fully comprehend what they are reading when this is stuck on their mind. What makes this story of Jennifer so captivating is that we are redefining the idea of being a monster. Banner was afraid of his own shadow as he and the Hulk were two different entities. Not to mention he is still considered a big time hero. Though here we are exploring monsters who are not. The world doesn’t offer the same opportunities when you are Jennifer or Oliver.

It’s hard to care about whatever Steve and Ray are doing, but it adds to the rough atmosphere created by the human condition. These guys pretty much ruined someone’s life and all they care about is how much money they can make off of it. Again it plays into the current problem with our world today. The stupid things people will do and record, just for enough hits to make money from.

A little worrisome that we are changing up the art team again, but this time around I have to say that this is the best the interior artwork has looked so far. With each passing art team I feel the quality has been a step up in detail that goes into both the characters and the world around them. Along with that there is more attention given to the things that sell a scene like expressions, body language, and inking which also helps set the tone. Much of what goes on here takes place at night, so you want it to actually look that way which they accomplish through the inking, shadows, and darker colors. When it comes to Oliver, he definitely came off more intimidating in this issue. You could see more deformity to his composition to make it easier to sympathize with what he has now become. For Jennifer, it was also easier to see the difference in appearance. Better that there was a stronger focus on her size that didn’t come off too big before.

Hulk #9 I would say is a bit of a fast read, but it gets straight to the point here that this is all leading to what will be an unfortunate encounter. No one asks to become a monster, and yet that can happen to people who don’t deserve it. When you are Oliver, you don’t have the human features of someone gamma radiated. This book has been great for the depth it has given to this corner of the world where you find yourself dealt with the worst of hands.

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