Comic Book Review: Iceman #4


So far we have a winner with this creative team who knows how to give to us an Iceman who can be serious, and be taken seriously. No pun intended, Iceman #3 gave you some chills when he shows those who hunt him just why he should be feared as an omega level mutant. I never understand why other tip-toe around this potential, but it is about time someone addresses this at such a critical time for Bobby figuring himself out as an X-Men and individual coming out.

Moving forward from that dinner with his parents was a smooth transition. With solo series like this it is hard to progress when you have loose threads, so the way they approached Bobby saying what he needed to say to them was fitting. Particularly seeing how this issue ends. Now with a new chapter this also comes with new problems. More time given to Bobby to develop his role as a teacher meant a lot when this is still a big part of his life among other things. It helped a lot that we could go through this experience with both Bobby and Kitty without the awkwardness or tension that they had before their mission together issues back. The problem he and Kitty run into here makes sense for the student that would throw them into a panic. Great that it was a mutant recently met, and one who is unstable enough to create a sense of urgency to worry about.

As I said above, this creative team knows how to write a serious Bobby very well. Convincing is a better word for it, even when he is breaking the tension at the same time with jokes. I’ll hand it to the art team in particular for the stern expression he carries to emphasize that you shouldn’t mistake his words for what he is feeling exactly. Of all the students that could have agitated him to hunt down, this was the right call. Someone who doesn’t see the full picture in being a mutant, understand the people who you should avoid, and has one heck of a power to push against.

Like the cover of this issue came the anticipation of what would throw Iceman of all people into the crosshairs of Daken. If I remember correctly, this is one of the last mutants you want to run into under any circumstances. Especially if you find that he is your type. It was cool to see what he has been up to all of this time. There may be an X-Men book out there that might have touched on his current endeavors, but you can’t always assume everyone reads everything. That said, I enjoyed this portrayal of Daken more than the last time I saw him. He has more direction and purpose here. Not to mention there is more to him than simply going day-to-day abusing his power of pheromones, because it would have pained me to see him simply trying to flirt the whole time. The danger in general was that at his core he is corrupt and has the ability to corrupt others if given the chance.

Iceman #4 gives us a new art team with Edgar Salazar on pencils and Ed Tadeo on inks. I was very impressed by the artwork for this issue as this is probably the best it has looked since the first issue. Not to say it looked bad before, but I feel as though this team’s style is more fitting to what Iceman needs to be visually. Salazar’s pencils instantly grabbed my attention because he is detailed in his work. It makes all the difference taking advantage of what you can do with a thin point. The focus on the characters was where the art team does best considering the natural rendering made this personal, as it should be. What was fun about Iceman in action this time around was how creative he got with his powers. When you can create anything from ice, the fastest way to bore a reader is by seeing the same thing twice. A mutant like Iceman is formidable when you can’t predict what he is about to do next, or when he is about to unleash something powerful. This was the best work from Rachelle Rosenberg as well who it seems can do more when the rest of the team give her that room. The display of his ice powers felt more real when she is able to make use of highlights and shadows for greater depth. Everything else simply blended very well together.

This issue takes us deeper into Iceman’ world when we are now seeing the struggles of being a teacher on top of everything else. Iceman #4 was fun, another personal story, and brought back a fan favorite for a short time. It means a lot that they can find a balance between his life as an X-Man and as Bobby figuring himself out. You know what to expect from Bobby, but it doesn’t mean you can prepare yourself for what life throws at him.

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