Comic Book Review: Iceman #5


So far I would say this has been a worthwhile exploration of a day in the life of Iceman. We’ve seen more than enough of his humor, we’ve seen a side to Bobby that can be scary when he taps into his true power, and we have seen a side to him that knows how to be responsible for his students. The only progress he is still making is this road to self-discovery and confidence in who he is now. At least confident enough to explain this part of his life to his parents.

Going into this issue of Iceman they did make it sound as though this heart-to-heart with Bobby’s parents might not happen. Part of me wanted them to finally get around to it, while the other part feared for how this plays out. I was truly not prepared for the argument that Bobby gets into with his parents when it started. I don’t think anyone would normally be ready for that conversation with their parents, but Bobby’s in particular aren’t the kind to make it easy for you. Not even bracing myself did I not cringe at their reaction and fuss over it. You knew it was bad when not one but two of them were not really giving him the room to really explain himself. This was the most real conversation he has had with anyone in the past five issues. Pretty much solidified this book as one that is character driven more than anything else.

They got this right because they nailed it from a perspective where the other party isn’t being as accepting as they should be. I can’t speak for most who come out to their parents, but I’m certain that for those who don’t find success it goes a little like this. Some parents are just that aggressive about what they won’t accept about you that isn’t normal, or their definition of normal. Its tough enough for Bobby’s parents to give in to his life as an X-Men, so this was breaking the camel’s back. Even for the way his mom throws herself at him. Now Bobby’s words here hit home when it came to expressing his desire to figure himself out. Those words struck true from a place that could only come from seeing others finding happiness while he’s steps behind.

With all that said and done, this doesn’t keep you from the anticipation of how the Juggernaut fits into this equation. He’s there on the cover which means you have the expectation for how he will create more trouble than the drama already unfolding in the mansion. The only question that you needed first was what brought him to the X-Men in the first place, luckily the answer was pretty straightforward if you read X-Men: Blue, otherwise all you need to know is that someone did him dirty and he wants payback.

The artwork for this issue was solid and enough to capture the emotion visually. It’s not enough to just see the words to feel them, because for as heavy as the words were between Bobby and his parents, you had to see the pain on their faces when expressing how broken this revelation is making them. For Bobby’s parents in particular, I like that they didn’t change too much of that stern look from his parents. It created a struggle where you were wonder if they were really being caring, angry or hurt. I loved the way Vitti draws Juggernaut. A lot of characters might look a bit more simple, but he was really fleshed out. There was detail in what was body forming, and what was more armor. In general he had an intimidating presence to him that created a threatening atmosphere. The appeal from this art team came from the way they continue to push Bobby to his limits as Iceman. As the issues before,he has new tricks up his sleeve and greater feats to achieve. One above all made my jaw drop because before this issue you would have never thought he could do those things until he did. Rachelle Rosenberg did perfect as the colorist as well. Perfect use of cold colors that even created difference in what he was doing with ice and snow. The intensity and use of whites as well you take notice of when she applied those just right to key moments of Iceman achieving greater heights.

Well damn, eat your heart out to anyone who thought this was a solo series that didn’t need to happen. This series could end after Iceman #5 and it would have ended on a perfect note. This is the kind of character exploration that you can’t get from any of the other X-Men right now. Nothing this genuine at least. People whine and they moan about this change in Iceman, but it never changed who he is deep down, and who he will always be. It certainly doesn’t change the omega-level mutant that this book continues to prove he is when standing up to the likes of the Juggernaut.

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