Comic Book Review: Iceman #8


Its new story arc time for the Iceman! As if things haven’t gotten personal enough, it seems that the end of the issue before had something pretty bit to set up between Bobby and his parents. I really thought that whatever went on between them probably was just going to stew on the side for a while. Who would have guessed that these problems would keep bringing them back together, and with a new addition to the family drama.

Throwing us straight into both Icemen together was a good way to start off this issue. It wouldn’t be too hard to bring these two together compared to the others who interact with their older selves much less, but you never wanted to feel as though you are forcing both to cross paths. Everything of course makes sense not too long into the story. With that said, both Icemen are too funny together. Not for the jokes this time around, but for the ways they can just do them and completely neglect what is going on around them. They are facing a bad guy monologuing and they are having their own conversation as if its nothing too serious.

Now the very idea of their mom dragging both of them together for a dinner was chilling. After everything that has happened so far, you really do have to question her motivations. She clearly isn’t happy that they are only just now aware of his younger self existing in the present, and that is all on top of somehow feeling villainized for not accepting who Bobby is now.

When that dinner came and they all sat together, it was a mix of tense and awkwardness. Mainly because his parents were like different people when they encountered younger Bobby. From that point you could almost tell that there was something more to this. I mean why wouldn’t this be a trap? You could say the motivation was a bit predictable, why wouldn’t it be, though what was more important than any of that was figuring out the long-game their mom was trying to play. It came out of left field when the moment of revelation struck. You would think that there was nothing more ridiculous that could come from their parent’s struggle to accept Bobby as he is, and then they go and do something like this. At this point they serve as the best example of what can go wrong when you family just refuses to accept change that isn’t what they want.

If anything, I adore how comfortable the younger Bobby is in his own skin. That has been the one thing they made sure we were clear about when older Bobby first went on his journey of elf-discovery. You also knew how this dinner would end because of it, yet you still needed to see how he would react to his parents thinking he would be easier to change.

I’m glad that we still have Robert Gill and Rachelle Rosenberg on art for Iceman. Right now I would say that Robert Gill has the strongest approach to drawing these characters to make the story more personable. I don’t think this story would be as engaging if he didn’t have such a handle on natural looks, expressions, and body language. This was all very important when it came to the meeting between both Bobbys and their parents. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. The confidence from Bobby was radiating off of him when for the most part being unphased by his parent’s tactics. Both took command here and the growth could finally be seen visually from them standing their ground. I liked a little more the way they drew both Icemen in ice form this issue. Mostly when it came to Rosenberg’s colors. She has really nailed that ice look between the balance of blues and whites, and the strength of thee colors to bring out a sense of transparency. With all that said, it is interesting to see how these two Icemen change differently. One goes full ice, while the other still has their costume showing over the ice.

Iceman continues to be the full package of the mutant experience from a different perspective. Bobby lives a very different life from everyone else who doesn’t have a time-displaced younger self or parents that will still somewhat communicate with them. He has come a long way since the start of this series and you definitely want to see where he can go next with more confidence.

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