Comic Book Review: Injustice: Year Three #14


Injustice GAU-Y3_14_CoverThe chapter that every fan of the Injustice series has been dreading knowing this is the last issue for Tom Taylor as the writer. A guy who kept this going strong for 2 years. An impressive feat and for the consistent quality between the writing and artwork you can’t help but feel incomplete at the thought of such a change in the middle of the story. Though nonetheless there is still much to look forward to from this series and it starts after this issue here where Superman remains in his dream state, living in a reality where none of the tragic events that set him on his present course ever happened.

It’s no secret that Tom Taylor shows favor to Superman. Not the first issue that had such a moving story to this icon in the series and shockingly this one managed to top it. This dream that “The Emperor” was stuck in is everything that he could have wanted if the Joker had been stopped that day. The previous issue was not covered, but that was one heck of a way to shake things up seeing Batman go against his own code in order to stop the Joker for good. Pretty much the ultimate sacrifice Batman could make for anyone who he’d consider a friend or family. This was one of those stories where it was all about the characters and less of the action. You enjoy it for the fact that you aren’t just seeing these heroes as superheroes. This is more grounded and as Bruce states, Superman and his daughter do come off as mortals.

Lara was a character created who you have to admire not because she is the embodiment of everything good that comes with having the powers of Superman, but she defines the responsibility that comes with it. Her actions were genuine, her intentions, and if this weren’t a dream I’m sure plenty would have loved to see more of someone like her.

Only problem that comes out of this issue is that of course with the limited amount of space put into a single issue you do want to see that struggle for Superman to see that this is in fact a dream, though that comes abruptly at the end.

As this was a dream, the appeal of this issue of Injustice came from the layout and progress of the story. This was seen through Superman’s perspective and you experience this with him as he goes through all the motions that comes with being a parent and superhero. You feel happy for Superman, yet you also sympathize with him seeing how this will all disappear once he wakes up. Aside from this the quality of the artwork and everything was on point and consistent. What does stand out above all is the way the Justice League ages, and the design of Lara’s costume which she had two of as she aged as well. The rendering of space again looked great which is something not every art team out there can do with this level of quality and care. Never looks the same with each passing panel and the mixing of colors blends very well without adding too much.

If there were any way to leave a series that has been running this long, Tom Taylor leaves you full of admiration with the conclusion to Injustice: Year Three #14 and the end of “For The Man Who’s Lost Everything”. There’ no doubting what the new writer will be able to bring to the table, but there is no forgetting this adventure Tom Taylor has taken us on through 3 volumes.

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Great story from start to finish and Tom Taylor successfully left his mark on our hearts.

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