Comic Book Review: Invincible #132


I guess we kind of asked for this didn’t we? The peace that Mark’s family has enjoyed was only going to last for so long, though this isn’t quite what you could have prepared yourself for when questioning what that means when war reaches them. These two of the Viltrum are a heck of a forced to be reckoned with when Mark and Even have protect themselves and their daughter. Not the most ideal position, but you wouldn’t expect any less at this point.

That warning on the cover of this issue said all that was needed to say about what we should fear. I mean we don’t know what exactly Thragg does, but the fear nonetheless is for everything that he could and would do. From the start of this issue panic sets in once more upon remembering that Terra was facing her doom up in the sky. What happens here really got the heart racing. More than any other moment we have seen since Mark’s arrival back to this world. I mean there has been plenty of people who went through something since then, but no more time has been focused towards caring for them as there has been to Mark’s family. None of this is what they asked for, but the world around them clearly doesn’t care. Considering how late into the Invincible story I jumped in, I do have to say it has been quite the wake up call to what I signed up for. Not a bad feeling as this once again establishes Invincible as a superhero Universe where thy take risks. Where they know how to go to those dark places.

This move Thragg makes does indeed change everything. I mean if I could use the words I really want here all I could do is scream at Kirkman for doing exactly what he does best at a time like this. Especially for the fact that Kirkman knows how to avoid the predictable. Did we get a big death? Without a doubt, but that didn’t change the execution of what was and what wasn’t. In comparison to other books he has written you can tell that Invincible is closer to his heart for how much he cares for these characters not to do to them what you might see in one like The Walking Dead.

The art team here knocked it out of the park with this fight. If there’s one thing I have praised Invincible for, it had to be the way they capture a fight that truly gets into the impact you should expect when those with strength clash. Cory Walker doesn’t hold back getting all those little things that make this intense. Not just the gore, but all the ways in which they hurt each other. Not ever just about hitting one another, you could see the experience from them through where exactly they strike for the best result. This goes particularly for their body language which consistently changed to match the way you would react when fear is running your drive. But getting to the gore, that was something to try to stomach. I’ve never witnessed how far they go in Invincible, but this was a statement to make and it takes someone willing to get a little graphic which Walker nailed. It was impressive of Nathan Fairbairn as well. One thing to get as brutal as things got here, another thing for the colors to capture every bloody moment drenched in red. There was that same quality going into this issue in depth, boldness, and vibrancy, though it was how Fairbairn brought out the damage these people did to each other which sold you on these acts.

‘The End of All Things’ may be the chapter to bring Invincible to a close, but the events of Invincible #132 gets you pumped for what has been unleashed in Mark’s family. This universe is at war, but I don’t think it knows war yet with how personal this has become. This creative team knows what fans want from a story like this and they are delivering.

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