Comic Book Review: Invincible #135


With the announcement of an Invincible movie, there is no better time to be a reader of this series. Especially during the last stretch of this series as a whole. This week we jump into part three of ‘The End of All Things’ and there’s some big expectations of what happens from this point forward. They’ve already established the kind of war Thragg had asked for when he crossed so many, so now is the time for that ball to get rolling.

Off the bat what I love is that they are taking the words of Mark and Eve to heart when these two decided the way they wanted to approach taking down Thragg. These two have made the strongest statement you could ever brace yourself for from two big heroes of a superhero universe. They practically said being a hero is stupid. Can you blame them? Taking in everything that they have endured up to this point and that is the only valid response to what might be your last call to arms. From the minute we jump into their crusade, there’s a different atmosphere about what we stepped into. It’s not that Invincible hasn’t been serious before, but you could tell that this was serious from the way that you weren’t feeling like saving was all they had on their mind through their actions. If anything the sense of uneasiness from Allen spoke to much of what we may be going through as readers when everyone is just along for the ride.

Following Thragg on his end, things kind of go as you would expect. I think at this point you are just awaiting that big confrontation, though you do see things small here and there that might shake things up. If there’s one thing you enjoy most about Invincible, it’s that they are never that direct about what can happen in the moment. Sure it will be brutal, though the execution is always what you take into account most.

I have to say that this issue was a fast read. Not a bad thing considering that when you are looking at the last twelve issues of a series, you are looking at the last story told in structure. Which means that along the way you will run into an issue like this where there is more set-up than anything else.

The artwork for this issue is solid. A better word I will use is consistent if we are speaking of the overall quality since there wasn’t anything too standout. That more than anything else is the best you can ask for from an art team when everything matters approaching the finale. What we do take in visually that is worth pointing out is the state of mind from these characters involved. I liked the way Ryan Ottley heavily emphasized what might be going through their heads. Thragg is fairly consistent, Mark and Even seem pretty determined while also disconnected. Through this issue you could take in all the ways in which the most subtle queues tell you what to prepare for as the big fight nears. I mean at the very least we aren’t neglected of the kind of violent battles that separate this superhero universe from many others out there.

While Invincible #135 is more than anything else set-up, it is well written because big things are coming in the next issue. That is where we will find out what it means to say “This is how we do things now”. One has to suspect we are in for a lot more than we think on the surface.

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