Comic Book Review: Invincible #141


***Spoilers Below***

Even after a month, that final fight between Mark and Thragg still excites as it couldn’t have ended any other way. It was brutal and fueled by what these two were fighting for so hard. In Thragg’s final moments you could finally understand what drove him so far to do the things he did, especially against Mark’s family. And now where there is hopeful peace, they tease us with the idea that things take a dark turn as we near the end? Oh how you wish that weren’t true.

There were plenty of things I prepared myself for knowing that things could get darker. I mean that could be anything within the context of Invincible. However, what actually happened was heartbreaking. The discovery and the response. While the fight against Thragg was brutal, it was the whole war in general which claimed many victims. If there’s one thing I did appreciate, it was that they took the idea of war seriously, which unfortunately means that not everybody will come back home, or in one piece. For this very person it hit hard to see him suffer not just because of the fight itself that left him so battered, but that powerless and fleeting life that came afterwards. The Invincible team overall just knows how to keep rolling with the punches. You knew that the issue to follow wouldn’t be action heavy, and less likely to have action at all. You just didn’t know that they could pack a punch just through an engaging conversation that was one person’s last words and wishes.

It is also unfortunate that I have to push into spoiler territory here, but there’s not too much that happens in this issue to justify the vagueness. The conversation between Mark and his father was more moving than anything in this last stretch of the story so far. Its one thing for someone to die right there with no chance to pass any last words, another thing when that person gets the opportunity to say their last words and make them count. Mark’s father showed in that moment that he really was a changed man since the change he had so long ago. If like me and you came in pretty late, it was still easy to let these emotions sink in because they were sincere and from the heart. This father-son moment was all you could ask for beyond the heartfelt moments Mark does have with his own family.

The decision he makes following that conversation with his father shakes things up moving forward. If there’s one thing that could hurt this direction Mark had taken up to this point, it was a sudden shift in goals. Not for what the will possibly give up for this new responsibility, but for the argument he would have to put up regarding it. Certain things are not so simple to go back on, particularly as we have learned when dealing with Eve.

There wasn’t anything visually significant that popped out here, though plenty that still manages to catch your eye throughout the issue. Ryan Ottley and Nathan Fairbairn keep a consistent quality in this issue which truthfully you can’t argue with after the crazy amount of work they put into some of the scene from the war. Who knew that some of those spreads with Thragg’s army would have taken a week to produce? Anyways, it was interesting to see how someone like Mark really heals from being burnt to a crisp. Luckily they didn’t get too graphic when it came to the process of healing, though it is cool nonetheless seeing a bit of that and the technology they use to add a little help. The same could be said for Mark’s dad as you could tell it might take some tech to hold him together as well. You don’t walk away from a fight that he got himself into without some form of aid along the way. The colors in his eyes really sold you in the moment of his light dying out. Those little details matter, especially when they bring out the pain that someone is going through in that moment. The lighting as well was a good touch when setting the atmosphere from the start.

‘The End of All Things,’ part nine got the blood pumping when you were looking for the next bad thing. Surprisingly they grabbed us through a character moment that couldn’t have been done any other way than through a passing of the torch. Invincible #141 beautifully wrapped up one part and begins to throw us into what looks like the last stretch of this final arc.

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