Comic Book Review: Invincible #142


From one problem and thrust into the next for Mark, friends, and family. The minute we learned that Rex was making a move of his own taking advantage of the chaos from the war against Thragg, you knew that this is where we would find ourselves when the dust settled. Maybe not exactly this situation, but you knew that Rex would do something to instigate another problem. The only question now is how everyone will answer to this move against them.

When we got to take a look into the mind of Rex, you could understand why he did what he did. Only from his perspective though. This is actually a character I don’t find myself all too familiar with, but from the little I did grasp of Rex, you could have really seen this coming from him. Did that make his actions a little predictable? Sure, but you didn’t know how far he was willing to go to hold on to the control he has established on Earth. We do remember how easily he turned on the other heroes who didn’t share his vision for the world, so his actions against Mark didn’t seem all too hard to wrap your head around. Especially since Mark is the only person currently to make it known that he wasn’t with Rex’s actions up to this point.

‘Robot War’ was intense for the very reason that the war against Thragg was taken as far as it went. For Mark and Eve to live the kind of life of peace that they desire, obstacles like the one Rex now created can’t stand. Normal was too close in their grasp to have this derail them. I like this development in general because this was always where we were going to land eventually before the series ended. If the war against Thragg stretched for the entirety of ‘The End of All Things’, we would have been left with one heck of a cliffhanger concerning Rex. It was easy to forget him with an intergalactic war taking place, and that was what made the shock of Rex’s plan set into motion hit so much harder.

When the fight broke loose, you could tell that this was the art team enjoying so much of what this series still has to offer so close to the end. You love Invincible because this is one of the few superhero books where you can get this level of action. Not just for the brutality of these fights, but the scale of them as well. I mean who knows how this one was going to turn out. We do want that happy ending for everyone, but when Kirkman is in the driver’ seat, you expect the unexpected and even the worst case scenario. What conclusion this led to was actually pretty cool. You needed to bring about an end to this war that would both satisfy us in terms of action and character growth. They gave us the best of both worlds when Mark’s actions proved how far he has come along as an individual.

This art team delights you with every passing issue. For Invincible #142 it looked like they had so much fun getting back to these heroes who we haven’t seen in a long time. Not only that but how amazing it is to see them all spring into action against a common enemy in Rex. First of all, I have to commend them on the consistency and uniformity that came with Rex’s army. It takes quite some effort and attention to detail in order to pull off that kind of scene. Second was the even greater attention to detail and patience that came with one of the most impressive spread pages they have done in the series. Nothing beats the massive viltrumite army led by Thragg soaring through the pages, but this nonetheless blows you away because of the many different characters all fitting into one action sequence. When it comes to the action itself, I loved that they could pull this off without too much bloodshed. It never hurts the story, but for this particular war you didn’t want to lose the meaning of the fight to the level of violence. This issue was overall a good change in pace and scenery as well when once again we are able to take in a variety of colors that aren’t cold, or red.

Invincible #142 was worth the all caps in description for the issue. ‘Robot War’ was intense and gave us action without the usual level of brutality involved. They wanted to address something more idealistic that these characters are fighting for and they did so perfectly. Tying up two big loose ends was a big accomplishment, and the second one gets you right in the feels.

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