Comic Book Review: Invincible #143


After the fight with Rex, one did have to question where we would go from there with two issues left in this series. The only worry I ever had going into “The End of All Things” was that the action might overshadow a lot of the story development and character moments. Luckily this creative team is one that we have been able to put our trust into to get the best out of this last stretch. Right now we are looking for that sequence of events that will wrap things up. You don’t go into this with high expectations, but you are looking for what will ultimately satisfy you as a fan and reader.

Even with this issue the punches keep rolling when there are still things to deal with when the action comes to a halt. This is what happens after they have defeated Thragg, fought back Rex, and now have the fallout from all of this to process. Part of that fallout being Mark Grayson learns he has a son he didn’t know about. Now his reaction to this was unexpected. Hard to argue with the way he responded to this discovery since he failed to protect his son’s mother, and it goes without saying that this son of his is a reminder of what happened back then for this to have become possible. When they said the good news is that his son is awesome, that may have been a bit of a trick on their part. Sure the assumption is that you’ll see that he can do awesome things like Mark, but before then you have to question what leads to this so-called awesomeness. That was the big thing for this issue and it led to the next big thing for this series as it reaches an end.

In terms of wrapping things up, Mark taking up his place as leader of the Viltrumites was a big topic here. With everything winding down, the discussion is engaging about where his priorities are. Nothing long-winded or talking in circles about it. I enjoyed that he was in the moment able to think about the future of the viltrumites and how his plans for them could also affect the way his family lived. That last part was the biggest issue to tackle and I’m glad they could approach this without the cliche that might happen with most couples. With that said, you do question where Mark’s head is at between being an emperor, husband and father. You can definitely see a change in him as he becomes that guy who has to make the hard calls.

They made sure every stone wasn’t left unturned as well. The only offense they could commit here was not addressing the emotional toll of losing Mark’s dad. It was a powerful moment when his end came, but it was just as important that we could see how much his family cared for him in spite of all the craziness that came into their lives when he tried to take over the planet.

The artwork for this issue was solid with consistency. When the dust settles, there’s very little room for the art team to go crazy with the action like previous opportunities gave them. It’s not a bad thing either considering this is a time where you want to focus on the characters themselves as people. That was where they kept us visually engaged. Especially when in terms of Mark taking up his new responsibilities and struggling to accept the few new ones. It took some getting used to when we first see Mark dressed in his attire as emperor. It didn’t feel like him, mainly with all that red, but that is what comes with the change. That said, the scene with Marky did at least “Look” awesome. That was quite an impact he left on everyone when he showed just what he is capable of and at that age. The color work is really what brought it all together. The scenes particularly at night is where the colors were at their strongest. Much more depth to them and added effects/highlights to make what goes on pop.

With the conclusion to Invincible #143, we do sadly have one more issue after this until the end. It’s hard to say how this will end, which is no new feeling, but you do hope that this is leading to an end that won’t leave you heartbroken. For as bright as the future looks, this is a universe where tragedy waits right around the corner.

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