Comic Book Review: Justice League #15


“Escape From Hawkworld” is proving to be a big turning point for Justice League. It has been entertaining following the villains because they embrace their role and have been finding success so far in unlocking the powers beyond the Source Wall, aside from the hiccup with the Joker. Unfortunately, this isn’t the Legion’s story, this is the Justice League’s. Which means that more than ever is it an important time for them to start putting some wins under their belt. For this half of the team we are following? that is easier said than done.

For Hawkgirl, I am thoroughly enjoying the contrast between herself and Hawkman in his own series. Both of them have had it with the secrets and are fighting a great urgency to find answers. However, both of them have different emotional responses to the secrets. It may be because Kendra is finding more questions than she’d like that she is so overwhelmed with frustration, but it is refreshing to see more motivation to dive into the unknown than hesitation. It also started to become more clear as to what the others were after as well on Thanagar Prime. I enjoy following Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl right now because they are actually on the track to answers. Truthfully, I had concerns about breaking off into this story. I thought we were maybe getting pulled in too many directions, but right here is exactly where we want to be for big things to unfold. So far the execution has been perfect for the fact that all sides of this current conflict between the Justice League and the Thanagarians tell you that there’s a lot on the line about the secrets kept on this planet. actions

This issue did give us the most plot progression that we have seen for quite some time from these heroes. What consistently nagged at me was the slow crawl that a lot of the have been on trying to get ahead of the game. For such a powerful force in the universe, this story has made them seem so small. While this has been a small complaint for me, it does now being to at least make sense as we continue to interact with others who seem to also have a stake in what has been unleashed from the Source Wall. Shayera Hol’s (also a Hawkgirl) perspective said more than enough about the changes that the universe as a whole have taken on through their actions. Its nothing new that Earth would be seen as the center of all the multiverse’s problems, but it shakes things up when the rest of the universe sees them as an obstacle to what they desire.

It felt a bit abrupt how we suddenly jumped into a situation where Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must stop Starman from going nova. If its not one thing, its another that they’re dealing with. I suppose you could say that the obstacles they are facing to make progress are thrilling, but nonetheless we aren’t really getting anywhere yet. Not till the very end of the issue where you could give credit for the other half of the team finally finding some clue to follow-up on. Something is better than nothing on their end.

The artwork for this issue was excellent. Like the issue before it was all hands on deck when there are two separate teams handling this story arc. One half working on the happenings in the Hall of Justice, while the other half working on the clash of Hawks on Thanagar Prime. Both styles excellent in their own way that you don’t mind the difference. It would only really matter if one half gave us quality work while the other didn’t. There wasn’t too much to take from the Trinity’s part aside from the explosive colors that were put into those pages. From the minute we jumped into that story, we were hit with the vibrancy of Starman’s energy right in your face. It was a cool shade of purple that wasn’t too bold . The abundance of white made it more convincing that he was about to go nova. As for the story in Thanagar Prime, there was a lot to take in between the setting of the city, the reveal of what the vault looks like, and the excitement of a bunch of hawk people clashing. For the Hawks in particular, I liked the way that everyone has a different style of wings. Those small details really stand out in understanding how one stands out from the other. It also goes without saying that with so much going on too, it is commendable that all of this pencil work/inking in particular was accomplished without sacrificing quantity over quality.

overall, Justice League #15 takes us to a point where this story picks up momentum and a true sense of urgency. We all knew that there was much more to this planet than what we were seeing on the surface, and the reveal did not disappoint. Neither has the pacing which hasn’t left us in too much suspense.

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