Comic Book Review: Justice League #15


Justice League #14 got into so many big character moments and revelations that rocked the very foundation of this team to its core. I don’t think anyone was even prepared to jump back into the truth behind Batman having files on how to take down each of the League. The way this creative team handled that this time around was nothing short of brilliant. But from things like this we rise up with a new Justice League who understands why they come together, why they belong, and what they need to do as Earth’s first line of defense.

This week brings a new storyline in the DC Rebirth twice-monthly book Justice League “Timeless” part one. This story compared to those before started off a bit vague. Before we at least had some idea as to what we are jumping into, but not this time around. We know that of course this new enemy threatens time itself, and of course it would have to be an end of the world situation for the League to come together. Though everything else was pretty up in the air for the most part, which is truthfully exciting. From the start we got an understanding of what is at stake with this new enemy, and we also get where the manipulation of time comes into play. Little time was wasted jumping into the thick of this plot and I liked that. Justice League is a book where you can have some character moments and development, but when things escalate you have this expectation that they are going to go all in against whoever it is in their way.

Some might look at the concept of time as cliche in comics, yet I think this creative team is handling it very well. Nothing about this screams predictable which is what the problem usually is. If for a second you felt confused by what events were going on when, then they were doing their job right.

The mysterious young woman who implores the Justice League join the fight against the Timeless came with a familiar job that some comic fans might instantly draw connections to. If you ever wondered who the DC equivalent to Marvel’s Watcher was, this was our answer. This definitely created more questions than answers which is weird for a start, but it gives you a lot to stew over in anticipation. Again we are jumping into uncharted territory for the Justice League.

Being the start of a new story arc and direction for Justice League in Rebirth, the choice to create a new villain was smart. The grabbing point for this arc had to be the idea that the Justice League would run into a cosmic threat they’ve never faced before. New and creative ideas are always welcomed which a number of Rebirth titles have been taking liberties to deliver with Justice League being no exception. There is little we know about the Timeless aside from their mission and capabilities, though hopefully that for now is enough before we need to put a face to their madness.

Still the artwork for Justice League continues to appeal as much as the story. They are nailing it getting the right artists up to the task of capturing these larger than life events. Together they made this issue artistically feel like we were experiencing an event rather than just another start to a story arc. When things got tense they really went all in between the depth in detail and the value of the colors. The colors in particular really made the artwork pop. Especially the use of whites and highlights to capture the effect of time as it washes through a page. When you’re talking about someone attacking with time on the scale that the Timeless are, you want that flare that feels like it is the end all. Fernando Pasarin is the penciler and brings structure to the characters and the world around them. From that very first panel Pasarin impressed because as I’ve pointed out before, I love when an artist can put just as much effort into all the little things that keep your eyes engaged from panel to panel. Between the darker scenes the and the introduction of the Timeless as they entered the fray, you could see very well why an inker like Matt Ryan was necessary. Very skilled at inking to to be precise enough to never make it hard to decipher what it is he is shading.

Literal race against time is being taken very seriously with this start to Timeless. Justice League #15 set one heck of a foundation to what is sure to send a few heads spinning if they haven’t already. This feels ambitious and I’m glad they are taking some risks to give us something we haven’t seen before. They just have to try not to lose us at the same time.

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