Comic Book Review: Justice League #17


Things are coming together for ‘Timeless’ as to why the Justice League find themselves scattered across time and history to keep key moment from becoming no more. We see these gods among men, heroes who have had no different reaction to the fear that comes with them working together. Though this is the first time when a force is cunning enough to strike at the source of this rather than petty villainy. ‘Timeless’ is ambitious for this and while some details are shaky, we are getting somewhere that is hopefully shaping this arc into a story that can be called memorable.

This Superman I will say has taken me some time to warm up to. Justice League is the first book where I’ve been exposed to him, though the way he separates himself from the rest of the League draws you to him. The Justice League comes together to save the world, yet this is someone whose world is his family. What he does is for his family which makes his confrontation with the leader of the Timeless army so intriguing. You don’t know what he is capable of with the idea that he could save his family, but no straight answers as to how to make that happen. The leader of the Timeless army wasn’t what you expected him to be. He comes off as someone with motives though for now makes strong emphasis towards wanting to save everything. Those words didn’t mean all too much, but if you read between the lines he is hinting to something involving Rebirth. Personally I love any book that does this right now. It only makes sense that at some point the Justice League makes some progress on that front even if for right now that is only an assumption.

Now as I mentioned from the issue before, they needed to from this point forward start focusing more on what is going on with the Justice League scattered throughout time. Not just focus, but prioritize time and space for depth. Justice League #17 is a step in the right direction as now they are one by one being forced into a position where they have to preserve what must still happen. Some of the points in time such as where Cyborg finds himself I found enjoyable. Its nothing that already happened rather than something to come which is refreshing.

Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan and Brad Anderson continue to astonish as an art team. With a stronger perspective of the story there’s much more to take in and appreciate about the pencils and inks. Firstly it goes without saying that it is impressive how uniformity can be seen through the Timeless army. There’s so many of them springing into action throughout the issue and the number doesn’t affect the quality put into them. Especially when it came to the scenes where Superman is confronting the leader of this army. As for the leader himself it was nice to see those distinguishing feature about him which makes him seem like a thing to fear. There’s personality from him, expression, a sense of individuality though the duty is all the same as the rest of the army. Cooler the way they incorporate the Timeless technology into his body to show that he is the guy in control. The color work is stronger for this issue as it should be with the situation starting to hit an escalation. Overall Brad Anderson succeeded in pulling off the visual effect of what the Timeless were really trying to pull off during these peak points in history involving the development of great power.

Nothing is too certain with the conclusion of ‘Timeless’ part three, but we know that like most stories this is the Justice League’s time to rise to the occasion. Justice League #17 gave us some answers that we needed to move forward, though there are still plenty of questions to address for things to come full circle. They just need to keep up with the current pacing without distraction in order for us to be able to see this through to the end.

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