Comic Book Review: Justice League #19


‘Timeless’ has been quite the mixed bag compared to story arcs before. I think we were always approaching a story like this where the stakes had to be raised higher than the fate of Earth, but there is no overlooking the risk that comes with this kind of ambition. The fear is where you might lose readers in what would otherwise be labeled as complex. There were definitely times in this story arc where one minute they had me, and then one minute they were losing me. It all had to do with the importance of all these moving pieces since we were pulled in many directions.

For this finale to Timeless the Justice League finally confront the true face of danger to Earth. It did come as a shocker, though at the same time disappointing because you were really hoping for more from Molly than this twist of being the villain. I was one giving them credit since initially it felt like they were doing something unique with her, though since that introduction she disappeared only to emerge suddenly as the person actually pulling the strings. Sure there is still that unique position of hers that I admired, but that was too quickly tossed aside for what is only an extreme version of Tempest’s vision. With that said, the fight here against Molly was still pretty cool. The things happening here I do find to be the strongest in the writing taking into consideration this Superman who is going above and beyond for the sake of his family.

When things began to connect for the rest of the Justice League, there was a spark of hope for how this might conclude. Their separation weakened this story a lot unfortunately. There was interest in the points of time they were stuck in, but that was about it until they had more to do.

As for Molly and Tempest, as villains for this story arc they could have been so much better. For Molly I think I’ve already said enough about where they did go wrong, but Tempest they had a good thing going until they didn’t. He had such great dialogue through his interactions with Superman. He was someone with some decent intentions, but it was the way he went about this solution of his that you couldn’t roll with. If he had stayed the main voice for this supposed approaching evil, then I think we could have gotten more substance out of this. Though because we were stretched further dealing with Molly we lost that opportunity.

Looking at this like a climax, I will admit that the strongest point for Justice League #19 is the artwork. This is that time where you want to capture everyone really pushing their limits to rise to the occasion. Like the issue before it was Superman who still manages to steal the spotlight because of how much heart goes into his fights. Against Tempest the emotion was just pouring out of him between his facial expressions and aggressiveness. Though facing Molly, Superman cranked that dial where he held back less. I think we can all appreciate a fight where he will go all out as that is when you can believe how serious the situation is. The intensity of the colors also sold you on those moments. Brad Anderson really just hits you with the kind of coloring that nails how larger than life this event is. Some things like planets had so much definition to them that you wouldn’t believe someone actually colored those in.

Now I don’t know what this thing is coming for Earth, but part of me want to think I do. If it is, then maybe we are getting somewhere big with Justice League compared to other Rebirth books on shelves. Though until then Justice League #19 didn’t leave us with the same punch as they could have to wrap up Timeless.

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