Comic Book Review: Justice League Dark #6


Who would have thought that Bobo was hiding such a big secret from his friends? For a guy with his kind of attitude, it surely knocks him down a peg to be faced with the responsibility that he neglected. Regardless, a perfect excuse for us and the rest of the team to take this daring journey into a realm that is brewing with magic. I mean, skeleton hordes and dragons? What more could you ask for right now?

This issue turned out to be very insightful for everything we came to learn about the mystic realm of Myrra. It may not be as you envisioned, but there was still a lot to take from what we had seen so far. Not to mention there was a lot to grasp just from the kind of mystical terrors that can exist in a realm like this. It helped immensely to have a familiar face as well to be our guide. With Bobo being reluctant and having to answer for his actions, that left very little options to turn to if we wanted to get caught up with the suffering that Bobo had brought to these people. Sure, all this information could have come slowly as the story progressed, but that would defeat the purpose of discovery and exploration. That’s half of the fun that we get from a book like Justice League Dark. Forcing Bobo into this corner where we could find out what has been going through his head was great for his character. He may be grieving, but this was no time for that to keep him from fulfilling the role he was meant to play on this team.

It was all very engaging when the time came to explain the rules of magic for Myrra in contrast to other realms. Some might jump into a book like this hoping for nonstop action. They would have come to the wrong place when discovery and exploration does not come without proper conversation about these things.  You could feel the effort that was put into this story from the way that everything connects to the current state of magic. There’s a reason that we needed to care about the state of Myrra, and they wasted little time getting us to that point. How they cleaned up this mess was uplifting, and certainly fulfilled the sense of swords and sorcery you expect from this book.

The one thing they didn’t necessarily hype about this story arc was the ongoing mission that Constantine and Swamp Thing were carrying out on their own. Even for my investment in what was going on in Myrra, there was no ignoring the fact that what was unfolding for these two on Earth was much bigger. How do you not sit there losing your **** that we are witnessing a clash of titans between Doctor Fate and the Phantom Stranger. As I said before, there were no better two to throw into the mix than Doctor Fate and the Phantom Stranger to make a statement that there are some serious stakes involved in saving the world of magic on Earth. From the perspective of Constantine and Swamp Thing, it was definitely chilling as well when this was one situation that was beyond their control. No matter how that ended, it was going to suck for anyone who wanted to see more from either of them.

Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, and Adriano Lucas knocked it out of the park again. I felt captivated by everything that Myrra had to offer. If you wanted swords and sorcery theme from this book, then that was the full package. This realm was the perfect blend of both medieval and fantasy. The part of me who loved LARPing kind of screamed for joy. What brought it all together was the excellence from Adriano Lucas’ colors. This is a guy that is a must for fantastical stories. The magic was raw in color, vibrant in nature, unique for the tone. Lets not even get me started on the fight between Phantom Stranger and Doctor Fate. The blues and yellows were explosive. I loved how the lightning effects and the glows really captured the intensity in power from these two. When they lit up, you knew that this was something outside the involvement of those like Constantine and Swamp Thing. In general that whole fight scene was mindblowing. The perspective in pencils and inks made a big difference as well. No opportunity was wasted to puff their chests and show what it is like to get hit and get back up when on their level.

Justice League Dark #6 was indeed bananas for the lengths that the JLD went in order to save Bobo from his fate, and for the urgency that had now kicked into overdrive after the confrontation between Doctor Fate and the Phantom Stranger. If it wasn’t feeling like a war for the fate of magic in the issue before, the impression is set now.

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