Comic Book Review: Justice League Dark #7


It’s new story time for the Justice League Dark. The previous arc was great for the time taken to finally address the new role that Bobo took on as the Nightmaster. It was also a thrilling chapter for showing us just what powers are at play for the fate of the world of magic. The urgency was indeed kicked into overdrive after the confrontation between Doctor Fate and the Phantom Stranger. With Justice League Dark #7, one has to wonder just what we have to look forward to now that the Otherkind have arrived.

It was refreshing that this time around we could have an issue where the spotlight is placed on Man-Bat. He may not directly be involved in these “Tales From The Otherkind”, but his perspective of these events so far is the most intriguing. As not only a villain, but someone who exists outside of the supernatural world, he was a bold choice to be a part of this adventure. Everything for Man-Bat is refreshing when it comes to the wonders of magic, the terrors, and understanding what there truly is to fear about the unknown. Especially when it comes to the threat of the Otherkind that even crawls under his skin. That says a lot about what we have to anticipate from this unfolding war. It also goes without saying that the point of view from Man-Bat is almost like ours which makes his involvement more engaging.

The first tale, “The Soup”, was chilling for the fact that we were seeing just what could come of not taking the Otherkind seriously. It’s not shocking that someone would still find themselves too confident in their ability to take advantage of the Otherkind’s presence, and this first tale established that no one is safe. “The Conjoined” was a welcomed story for the way it shined a spotlight on I, Vampire. Said vampire is a former member of this team that we haven’t seen much of in a long while. How he found himself introduced to the dangers of the Otherkind was worth the wait in suspense since he’s not the kind who enjoys things or people in his way. The JLD members who also encountered him were a fitting choice for the ease of connection. With that said, what he found, this ‘Conjoined’, was quite the sight that sent a message to even the heroes who bump in the night that the dangers are real. “The Offspring”? Now that one was the stuff of nightmares both visually and figuratively. What they stumbled upon in this tale was horrific for the kind of challenge it gave our heroes, and for what it took to put this nightmare back in the bottle.

Where I was surprised most was the fourth tale. That one catches you off guard because it involves a magician who you thought was long-since gone. Now crazier than that had to be what followed this story. I loved the chaos that was stirred from the fact that this is one of those issues where you can never tell what actually happened, and what didn’t. The tension this created led to some clever developments that make you further question what we assume will be a problem for the JLD when the time for war comes.

What I only found questionable about these tales was when these took place. Was this following Justice League Dark #7? Or are these moments that happened between issues before? These aren’t questions that would hurt the story for not knowing, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other readers out there wondering the same thing.

Everything about the interior artwork for this issue was brilliant. The way that this art team set up the interior played this story out as if from an episode of Tales From The Crypts. This style was fitting for the kind of book that Justice League Dark is. You had four different stories playing out back-to-back, but at the same time there was a cut to the narrator and their commentary. Choosing Man-Bat was perfect for the fact that he is very expressive and open about these experiences. There was a wide number of expressions, reactions, and responses taken from him that said a lot about the current state of the Otherkind situation. Speaking of the Otherkind, I loved the design over every creature encountered so far. Each and every one of them are unique, terrifying in appearance, and are the kind of abominations that would plague your mind. I could believe that these isolated incidents were having an effect on those involved. Again I also enjoyed the colors used here because they had depth, had a pale overlay to set the atmosphere, and took advantage of certain colors which scream horror. This goes particularly for the shade of greens used.

Justice League Dark #7 is yet another issue which cements JLD as one of the go-to books for a rush of horror from DC. This creative team taps into everything nightmarish about the Otherkind and lets it loose within these pages. If you thought the Upside-Down Man was the scariest sight to come across, then you were gravely mistaken. Or maybe you were treated to something wonderful if horror is your cup of tea?

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