Comic Book Review: Justice League Odyssey #3


The previous issue of Justice League Odyssey wasted little time throwing us into the madness of journeying back into the Ghost Sector. I still find it kind of funny that Joshua Williamson now gets a chance to do a second book involving destiny. The first one was more based on the original meaning of the word, but this one is more set to the tone of destiny that has more freedom to what it can mean. You could become a god, or you could be preparing yourself for something much worse. You never know till you know. So far, momentum is this book’s best friend. The hope here is that they do not lose what keeps you with little room to take a breath.

Picking up from where the last issue left us was intense. The best thing that this story has going for it is the shroud in mystery surrounding this plot. We are left in the dark about the direction this is taking, and the Odyssey team is too. All anyone has to go off of is this voice that we now know was Darkseid, and the revelation that three of our heroes have been destined to take positions of deities among people who they never knew existed. So far they have not disappointed in leaving us with the idea that this may very well be the final frontier for the team. When Kory was the first to expose herself to such a power, I was not sure at all would come next. Even after the situation is diffused, you still don’t know which is chilling. It keeps you at the edge of your seat because that wasn’t even the only worry that this team had to deal with in the moment. As they said, the very environment of space is deathly, and more than that, this is uncharted territory for heroes who don’t even have a reliable source of travel.

Our second exposure to the followers of one of these three was not too surprising, but I’m glad they went the route they did. Honestly when you line up Cyborg, Starfire, and Azrael, only one of them fills you with worries about the kind of people they will attract. I mean, now that we’ve seen those who “were” the followers of Starfire, you can pretty much guess who I’m referring to, but still I’d rather not actually say the name.

As for the third? I enjoyed how they eased into this introduction. There was almost fear that after leaving the first planet, they would quickly run into a distraction. Some writers do this to prolong a story, when honestly it just bugs the hell out of the reader. Fortunately this was not the case when one detour ended up leading to some interesting developments. You could already see where things were leading just from the initial image given of the next planet they landed on, but that didn’t stop the creative team from keeping you busy until the moment came to say that this was part of the next big discovery. For a series like this, exploration is everything. So far I would say that they are nailing it. New races, unique cultures, same troubles that you would find anywhere else. For all that you find new about the Ghost Sector, it is easy to forget the convenience that comes with this being a story about destiny at the core.

It also goes without saying that the small flashback for Cyborg and Starfire was very welcomed considering there’s much that you can’t assume readers are aware of that lead to this adventure.

I’ll admit that I was a bit heartbroken that this third issue already saw the changing of artists for Justice League Odyssey. I stand by feeling that it is too soon for these changes before the end of the first story arc. Not to mention we were switching off from one of my favorites, Stjepan Sejic. This of course could have been a negative for me, but you can’t argue with the art team they had step in place of Sejic. Philippe Briones and Jeromy Cox were a perfect team to put together for a book like this. I admire Philippe Briones’ pencils for the fine lines used that capture so much detail from the characters to the scenery. Sejic brought out a sense of wonder through his artwork, but these two really nail a rendering that engages you in every aspect of this adventure. I was stunned by the effort that went into the design for Cyborg, the complexity brought out in Brainiac ship, the many parts that captured a planet falling apart, and lets not forget the vastness of some of the city views created. Without a great colorist like Jeromy Cox, most of this wouldn’t even look as complete as it did. Great sense of textures, lighting, natural lighting, and many color variations that breathed life into these characters and their actions.

Justice League Odyssey #3 is not a book that you should sleep on from DC. This one is fun because you are simply along for the ride like the rest of the Odyssey team. You know as much as they do, and you are just as prepared as they are when the next twist comes their way that pushes them further towards this hyped up destiny as Old Gods.

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