Comic Book Review: Justice League Odyssey #6


A mystery and journey is only as good as the answers given or the destination. Both were met with satisfaction through the pages of Justice League Odyssey #5. As I said last month, exploration and adventure is great, but so is progress. We reached that point where discovery had to be met with direction, and that is exactly what we got for the Odyssey team and Darkseid himself when his ambitions became clear.

Off the bat I found that this issue ends up being one of the strongest of the series so far because this creative team has reached that point where mystery isn’t driving the story. Now that everyone has found clarity to this situation and what started their odyssey, all that is left now is to engage the orchestrator. Since the start of this series, it was hard to figure out just what the end game was by Darkseid. Off the bat you were forced to question why a villain like this would help other heroes become gods, what he had to gain by helping anyone other than himself. Anyone would have probably wanted to see what could come of a Darkseid who has turned over a new leaf, but nothing is ever that simple when it comes to this guy. From the start of this issue, I enjoyed how quick they were to address the lengths he was willing to go to acquire everything he needs to make this new Apokolips. Sometimes you think that this guy is an unstoppable force, and then this issue reminded all of us that even he can be met with challenges.

Now the decidedly hostile welcome from Queen Komand’r, or Blackfire, was a scene that turned out better than you imagined because there was more than just a sibling rivalry to brace for. With so much at stake in the future of the planets trapped in the Ghost Sector, this was the best time to really dive into what makes Blackfire tick when it comes to her duties as a queen. It made a big difference that there could be a conversation that further put the pieces into place for this team that still had things to understand about the situation at hand. When the action came, it wasn’t out of pettiness either. There was a goal which was hard to argue with considering what is at stake for those who have something to lose on these planets.

What was appreciated about this chapter of Justice League Odyssey is the further explanation of what the Ghost Sector is. If you are a reader like myself, then certain things aren’t going to click when you mention the Ghost Sector or what happened in the last Justice League event story. It was important to make sure that everyone could be on the same page about where and why these planets were hidden. Not only that, but how the events of Justice League: No Justice led to this adventure. The shocking truth about the Ghost Sector, and why Brainiac hid these planets away for so long lived up to the hype because the effort was put into giving readers a plot they can follow.

The interior work for this issue is among the best that we have gotten since Sejic started things off. You couldn’t have asked for a better artist to take over than Carmine Di Giandomenico who thrives in the kind of situation created in the Ghost Sector. As I have said about his style of pencils before, he has a rough approach to his lines, and really knows how to create a static effect too. Both work very well with a whole system of planets that are falling apart at the seems. Every bit of static running through them, the cracking of these planets at the surface, and more helped to paint a picture of life dying away. The action sequence this issue started on also stood out for how gritty it looked with Darkseid facing down an overwhelming force that tested the idea that this guy could walk away from a fight unscathed. Aside from this, the colors from Ivan Plascencia brought it all together. He wasted no opportunity to play with the clashing colors which make up the atmosphere of the Ghost Sector and these dying planets. The colors as a whole were bold, intense, and popped.

Now it also goes without saying that this issue was going to be a dealbreaker for those who were on the fence about switching up the writers for Justice League Odyssey. It was tough to say, but Dan Abnett made for a great replacement and gave us the kind of fresh perspective needed to maintain interest in this adventure.

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