Comic Book Review: Justice League Of America #1


There was a time when I would have called teams like Suicide Squad or Justice League Dark the most unconventional out there from DC, but this new Justice League Of America manages to take the cake. Now I’m sure that some out there might tell you there are better heroes out there to choose from who are more human, but for the reason each member of this Justice League Of America were chosen, that is as human as you can get in contrast to the Justice League.

If there is ever one criticism I could share, it is that Batman should without a doubt take a backseat here. When you have an ambitious book like this? You want to go all in without having that one name which overshadows the rest. I could see Batman as a benefactor, though aside from that his role should be more limited in order for this well crafted cast to shine. Regardless the team does shine in their own way. The way they clash that i considering no one expects this to be an easy team-up. The Justice League may be fresh off of their own addressing of belonging, though these are some heroes/somewhat villains from different worlds.

Now for a first issue, Justice League Of America #1 is very welcoming to establishing why a team like this is necessary. If there’s one thing I’m noticing, it is that you either read the Rebirth issue before the first issue or you don’t. More times than not the people who skip the Rebirth issue want to be able to jump into this without feeling as though they missed anything too vital. Safe to say that unless you were looking for the details in how they formed, you didn’t miss much. Right now it seemed more important to get into the why and where this team could go right or wrong. Especially when one of those members is Lobo. Even as excited as I am to see the one only acceptable Lobo back, it doesn’t come without being wary of his pace or habits. Then again Steve Orlando is very good at digging into the humanity of characters like him.

I must say the Extremists were not at all what I expected for the Justice League Of America’s first foe. These were some heavy-hitters as a first of challenges for this team. Nonetheless they provided the right kind of challenge to cement what this Justice League Of America both stands for and against. I feel that after the motivations for the Extremists cleared up, this book might just be another one of those must reads if you are looking for a book where we as the readers can feel engaged seeing the contrast to the world around us currently. The Extremists lived up to the name as a hard reflection of what we fear in the real world. Which admittedly does wonders for the dialogue between them and the JLA.

My statement stands from the Rebirth issue that if you were looking for highly rendered characters, scenery and actions Ivan Reis was the right guy for the job. Well Reis and everyone involved on the art team. They did a banging job making this one of the more visually appealing books that DC has on shelves right now. Some might say that the style here looks more house, but I think it takes things a step further. They make this feel like an event unraveling which says enough about the quality of work. For Reis I very much enjoyed how smooth his pencils are. He knows his anatomy, posture, expressions, all the things that put these characters naturally in their element whether we are looking at the presence of intimidation from Batman or the animistic motions from Vixen. What I only found questionable was being sold on the Extremists who they say they are. They don’t look like people who look to create order or from a world that would need someone like them. Not to say that their design isn’t cool, but also not too fitting. After a small jog in memory from Marcelo Maiolo it was easier to remember some of the other books he has worked on as colorist and take a greater appreciation for the work he puts into making this pop. I pointed out how bold his color choice is for the powerset of this team, but when you see them in action on this scale there is more to take in and enjoy. While this is a team that is more human compared to the Justice League, I feel the strength and saturation in Maiolo’s colors help you see that you still have to look formidable. Especially in the face of villains like the Extremists. As a whole what I love most about the colors here is that in no way do they clash. They blend in so well which makes every scene look complete.

Justice League Of America #1 has a lot of potential for a team you would expect to wreck and yet struggle figuring themselves out. Which is only human. They have gotten their message across for this first issue even if the enemy was a bit on the nose for emphasis.

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