Comic Book Review: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1


Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1 is rightfully hyped up as the first major event storyline of DC’s Rebirth. But that’s not the only reason why this is an event storyline to have anticipated. Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1 is the start of a clash we have been waiting for such a long time whether you are a fan of the Justice League or Suicide Squad. You wonder who would actually beat who in a fight and how. We know Waller made Task Force X to be the answer to gods walking around us, and though they may not look like the powerhouses you would expect, they have proven to do the impossible time and time over.

Now for the first issue, the big question set for us is what puts these two teams on a collision course for the Justice League to discover the existence of the Suicide Squad. We and Amanda Waller always knew would come, so you want to know the how which had to be worthy of the attention of both. Before we get to that, this felt like a solid reintroduction to anyone who by now still doesn’t know who the Suicide Squad are. The previous arc in their good created a solid set-up where having a character like Killer Frost opened us up to that new perspective on what they do and how their missions usually go. When it came to that inevitable run in with the Justice League, the build-up was a bit different from how you would have assumed things to escalate. Well further than things already had. One could have guessed who would be the one to make sure the fighting actually happened, by the right person when things could have easily gone quite peaceful if not. As action packed as this first issue was, Joshua Williamson was the right writer for the job as someone who looks for the characters and story to still be able to stand out.

Now the Justice League’s approach to discovery was very well written. With all that the Justice League have been through up to this point you could believe that they would never have had the time to really sit down and think about these things happening with their rogues that isn’t simply criminal acts. Asking the right questions is always when things get interesting because the revelation to what’s going on under their noses is a tough pill to swallow. The conversation went pretty much how you would picture any one of them feeling played. This creative team perfectly captured the frustrations this would cause when the Suicide Squad’s actions challenge everything the Justice League stands for. It also goes without saying how right is what that Batman spearheaded this discussion as most of us may know him to be the only hero who has had a legitimate run in with Waller and her methods.

I was actually surprised to see this third-party involvement. Not shocking that there would be more to this than simply what goes on between the Justice League and Suicide Squad. This was a great development to address at the start of this issue to make the statement that there would be substance to this story regardless of the action in store. While not something in direct effect, a piece of the plot to look forward to unfolding once their wheels have been set in motion.

As the first major event storyline, if there’s one thing that can be a deal-breaker its the quality of the artwork. That speaks volumes to how much they care about the impact of the story. Clearly they care very much to give us the art team of Jason Fabok and Alex Sinclair. Off the bat what you admire about Fabok’s pencils is that he has his own way of drawing these characters. Everyone seems to have their own way and he’s creative with it. A great blend of styles to make this Harley more his own, gets every nook and cranny of Killer Croc, Deadshot looks more like Deadshot, Wonder Woman has a more tradition look, and Rick Flag actually has a costume. But above all the detail that goes into all of them catches your attention even more. And not just the people, the environments stand out as well knowing that Fabok isn’t the kind of artist to make you forget that the setting matters. There’s always something going on which gives you something to look at with every flip of the page. Everything down to the clash itself looked stunning because you could see that each member of the Squad really matches up against the League. The colors aren’t something to forget either. Alex Sinclair was the best choice for Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad considering this isn’t new to him. He has a very strong base for his colors and just like Fabok has a mastery in-depth of what goes on within these panels. The detail, effects, and more importantly the textures all pop out making this as larger than life as they want it to be.

Whether you’re in for the story or truth about what would happen if these two superpowers collide, Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1 sends the message that we are in for the best of both worlds. We are in store for as clash that will hopefully be as memorable as we hope it be for a fight you don’t just wash over so casually.

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