Comic Book Review: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #4


You never know what to expect from Amanda Waller. You may love the actual team more than Waller, but there’s no denying the element of unpredictability that comes with her. Only Waller’s pride could create this kind of situation that spiraled from what started as Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad into the Justice League and Suicide Squad working to save her from others who she has crossed in her mad grab for control.

The true war here is who dares to hold more control. Waller Vs. Lord, now that sounds more accurate to me. As awesome as it was to see those two teams clash, you have to anticipate the lengths Waller will go to both protect herself while still having all the authority. If there’s one thing I will hand to DC when they do crossovers, they get straight to the point. You normally only have six issues to get these stories done. An extra few or so in tie-ins that you can or choose not to read while still understanding the main plot. Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad since the start wasted no time getting into the thick of this. This week’s issue takings us straight to the big moment when all three teams confront each other having the big picture in mind.

However, the clash between everyone and Max Lord’s team was still satisfying. Batman made his comments about the current Suicide Squad being dangerous together, but right now that meant absolutely nothing when confronting a team of villains who manage to overwhelm both teams. For the most part that is. It goes without saying that no matter how Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad ends, the team-up of Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman is the best thing ever. I don’t know who thought of the dialogue between these two or even the idea to match them up, but both times it has been brilliant.

Now the only thing about this plot is that there are certain things you come to understand are inevitable. Such as how Max Lord might see his end through doing the same exact thing that Waller does. I won’t lie that it took a bit of time to piece things together, but when you take some time to absorb the details the rest of the story seems pretty simple. Not to dismiss what has been great about this crossover so far because that end is still down the line. Till then things get a whole lot more interesting when we hit the depth to Lord’s madness. I will hand it to the creative team that they did well hiding what exactly it is that he was looking for deep within Lelle Reve. On the surface anyone would have seen this as vengeance, to those more involved you would have seen him looking for that machine or something close to it. But when what he’s looking for is actually revealed, it throws you for a loop as the item was precisely the kind of thing he would try so desperately to obtain.

For this issue we have the art team of Fernando Pasarin(pencils), Matt Ryan(inks), Alex Sinclair and Jeremiah Skipper on colors. They all did a spectacular job with this. Somehow every art team they manage to bring aboard for Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad impresses in their own way. They bring out something exciting about what that issue had to offer. For this issue they captured the ferocity of what happens when Max Lord’s team of monsters are unleashed upon legitimate supers. What you may have seen in Suicide Squad #9 depending on if you’re following that one was nothing more than a massacre on those not even in their league. What impressed the most about the dynamic of Pasarin and Ryan is how they handled so much going on in this encounter. Just the number of heroes and villains clashing was one thing, but when you add the complexity that is Sorrow’s power into the mix there becomes a lot to follow. I actually liked being able to sit on a page and point out who is doing what and to who. No quality suffered in the process either. As for Sinclair and Skipper on colors they continue to amaze with what they are capable of together. Again nothing too distinguishing about their styles, so you look at this in terms of overall quality. Both brought out the best in what each character could do. The intensity and effect that comes with what they are capable of be it the Lantern’s light, radiation of multiple gunfire, energy blasts, ice projection or just the explosiveness of it all. Like with the pencils and inks, they never lost focus of how these colors create a new level of energy this story demands at this critical stage.

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #4 raised the stakes in a big way. This could only get worse before things could ever get any better. Waller opened Pandora’s Box when she decided to cross someone like Max Lord, and there’s no covering this one up when she just doesn’t learn from her mistakes.

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