Comic Book Review: Lady Killer #1


662054_fb683b506d1a12b9b19fafab578cbfa8b15e403aAfter reading both “Archer Coe” and “Madame Frankenstein”, I’ve become a big fan of Jamie S. Rich. The same can be said for Joelle Jones, who’s art I’ve seen on not only covers but also in “Helheim”. She’s an artist I think is going have a big year this year. The two of them coming together for “Lady Killer” was, on first glance, something I absolutely needed to have. After my own hype, “Lady Killer” #1 didn’t disappoint. This is the start of what might just end up being the best miniseries of 2015.

Josie is the lady in your neighborhood hosting the Tupperware party. She’s the Avon lady. She’s the one who throws the best dinner parties with the perfect table set up and perfect pot roast. However Josie is living a double life. Underneath her Jackie Kennedy skirt suit, she’s a killer.

The first issue of “Lady Killer” is all set up to what the bigger picture is. Rich and Jones do a fantastic job at introducing us to Josie and the double life she lives. There’s a lot to take in and look at when it comes to Josie and the life she leads. Of course there’s the secrecy of being a killer for hire but what sticks out the most is how Josie behaves in the housewife side of her life. She doesn’t seem to resent it. It’s hectic of course given that both her children her young and rambunctious, but she seems to embrace it. She’s very womanly without coming off like a stereotype. Josie is a real person and it made me instantly like her. I’m sure this will come down the road but I liked how calm she was throughout the entire issue. Josie comes off like an old pro and it’s exciting.

The first few pages of “Lady Killer” are probably my favorite of the entire issue. It really encompasses who Josie is. She’s wearing a delightfully colored blue outfit that makes her look so innocent and friendly. Her body language changes as she goes into killer mode but there’s still something oddly complacent about her face. What she does comes so naturally to her and it’s a bit frightening. The way Jones draws Josie is perfect. She’s womanly and beautiful but still a total bad ass. Josie is not someone I’d want to cross. The clothing designs are also top notch. It’s clear there was some research put into it and it all feels very authentic to the time period.

“Lady Killer” is off to a strong start. Dark Horse may just have the first big comic book hit of the year here. This is not one to be missed.

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Lady Killer #1 is a very strong debut that sets up what might be the first big hit of the year.

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