Comic Book Review: Lady Killer 2 #2


lady killer 2 #2Being an assassin isn’t easy when you have to go it alone. It’s even more difficult when you have a husband and two kids to keep the truth from. “Lady Killer” 2 #2 takes things to an intriguing but darker place for Josie. Joelle Jones and Michelle Madsen take Josie down a new path in the exciting and gorgeous “Lady Killer 2” #2.

Josie is kind of in a weird place right now. Since she’s gone solo, she’s had to deal with a shortage of gigs and the dreaded disposal of her victims. As her assassin career is in a weird place, her home life isn’t all that much better. Josie is approached by ghosts from her pasts and new faces as she decides what to do next.

One of the things that I’m enjoying the most about “Lady Killer” 2 is the unpredictability in Josie’s life. Jones has taken advantage of the ending she created in the first miniseries and it’s made this series feel like a true continuation instead of a retread. There are two different sides to Josie and each one isn’t going all that well. However, instead of Josie cracking under pressure, she continues to thrive. Given the time that the story takes place, there’s an underlying meaning here. Josie can’t be weak because women have to do everything, even if that means being the best assassin there is. “Lady Killer” touched on some of this last miniseries but it’s even more apparent here. It’s a great use of the setting and the gender roles that exist during this time.

Jones’ art continues to blow me away. There’s a certain level of cool that exudes from Josie and all that she does and I kind of want to be her. Josie is styled effortlessly elegantly. Jones draws every outfit she wears in a way that stands out in any panel but also makes her feel ordinary. It’s something someone in her profession would have to realistically do anyway so it’s a nice added detail that you can’t miss. Unlike a lot of artists who work in different time periods, it’s not just the clothing that feels authentic. A city now would be full of clutter and noise but there’s a serene quality to the backgrounds that could only exist during this time in this context.  Madsen’s colors are extraordinary. They’re reminiscent of newspaper strips but with even more life. Given the styles at the time, each outfit pops and there’s a great amount of attention paid to each object in every panel. There’s a scene in particular with bingo cards that’s plays into the underlying themes of the story and your eyes are brought to every little nook and cranny of the action going on. Madsen is very good at what she does here and I hope to see her get more work after this wraps.

“Lady Killer 2” is existing kind of quietly this time around and it’s a shame. The series continues to be very good and one of the best looking books on shelves right now.

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Lady Killer 2 #2 is another strong issue with glorious artwork and coloring.

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