Comic Book Review: Lady Killer #2


Lady Killer #2“Lady Killer” #1 was an immediate sell out with praise coming from all parts of the internet. At the time of this writing, “Lady Killer” #2 has also sold out. It’s pretty clear that “Lady Killer” is officially a smash hit with both fans and critics alike.

“Lady Killer” #2 picks up where “Lady Killer” #1 ended. Josie Schuller, a housewife who moonlights as a  killer for hire, is at a Playboy Club like establishment fulfilling a job she was hired to do. She continues to balance her home life and her professional life despite pressure from both sides.

This miniseries is only at its second issue but it’s truly become something memorable. Josie sticks with you when you close this comic. Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich have done a very nice job setting up the bigger story. The plot is going in a direction I think it needs to go in because it’s going to test Josie as a person and force her to possibly make some hard choices. Being a mother and a wife is not a throwaway plot point and in this issue, much more than the debut, it’s used in a couple of different ways. The most important way is when she deals with the two most important men in her professional life. They guilt her about her personal life but it’s written in a way that offers an important look at gender roles during this time period. Josie takes it all in stride and while you do see her struggle a bit with the balancing act, she doesn’t complain or lose her composure. She’s very real in this sense.

It’s important that these things continue to be in the forefront. This team is doing some very cool things with some old story archetypes but they’re doing a great job adding their own twist to it. I do wish the men were a little more likable. Her associate is a ton of fun in a charming rogue sense but he’s sometimes a little abrasive. Josie’s boss is clearly supposed to be unlikable so he gets a pass but it’s her husband that needs some work. He’s a man of his time and trusts his wife and loves the domestic life. But he’s a little too aloof towards Josie and given what we’ve seen, he’s a lucky guy to have her in his life.

Joelle Jones continues to do some of the best work in the industry with “Lady Killer” #2. There’s a very nuanced way that she balances the wholesome time period with the action and sexiness. Josie is a perfect drawn Playboy bunny at the nightclub being sexy without being vulgar. That’s the best kind of sexy because both men and women can appreciate the look. The action scenes in the early going are swift and kinetic. Jones makes Josie a total bad ass and really sells how that this woman is a scary killer for hire. It’s awesome how Jones goes from something like this to a scene right out of Mad Men with Josie talking to a neighbor. It’s a natural transition that really shows off what Jones can do.

“Lady Killer” is a hit for a lot of reasons. This is a can’t miss series with a great story and inviting art. Jones and Rich have gold in their hands and as fans we can only hope that this gets bumped up to ongoing status.

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Lady Killer is, well killer. This is a can't miss series with a creative team that just gets it.

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