Comic Book Review: Lucas Stand #1


684172_418f558922905a74e7bda45fdf4c6e3666ef4df1What happens when the creator of Sons of Anarchy writes a comic book with the creator of “Coffin Hill”? You get “Lucas Stand”, a darkly supernatural comic book with an intriguing premise and a lead character you won’t soon forget.

“Lucas Stand” #1 introduces us to (obviously) Lucas Stand. Lucas is an army veteran who, because of an injury, works at a security guard at a mall. He’s an alcoholic and a drug addict and one night, when he’s inebriated beyond belief, he causes an accident that kills a family. In his darkest hour Lucas is approached by a man who promises him a purpose. He offers him a chance to do something that means something but this man is not completely trustworthy. Lucas is faced with making a deal with the Devil and begins a journey that will change everything he knew before.

As a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy, I am excited to see Kurt Sutter move into comics like this. “Lucas Stand” absolutely falls in line with the characters he’s created before in both the biker series and The Shield. Lucas is extremely flawed and violent but with this opportunity in front of him, he can attempt to make amends for what he’s done. Caitlin Kittredge did something like this with “Coffin Hill” and it’s what makes the two of them such a good team. Characters like Vic Mackey, Jax Teller and Eve Coffin are visible in the make up of Lucas Stand. Kittredge and Sutter don’t shy away from darkness and while it’s something I enjoy in a story, it’s easy to see where this could lose people. However, fans of characters like The Punisher will find a lot of enjoy here. This issue introduces a big premise with a lot of moving parts and because of this it moves quickly. Lucas’ goal, who he works for and his first mission all gets covered and because of this, the hook for coming back is big and it works.

Jesus Hervas’ is very good and very in line with what the story needs. Hervas’ work is very detailed and he’s able to do a lot of different things, showing flexibility. The earlier part of the book features some very good character work. There’s lots of strong expression and proper world building that demonstrates how bad Lucas’ life is. There’s a great amount of despair when Lucas’ life finally hits rock bottom and the drug sequences are as trippy as they need to be. The later part of the book falls into a different time period in a really organic way and the supernatural elements really begin to shine. The demonic designs are creepy and wholly original. The only place the book suffers on art is in the colors. Adam Metcalfe is a very good colorist but the palette here is so light. “Lucas Stand” is a dark story and the colors don’t set the tone as well as they need to.

“Lucas Stand” is off to a fine start thanks to it’s really intriguing premise and incredibly talented writing team. This is a story that might  not appeal to every reader but for those willing to take a jump into this dark world, there’s a compelling story ready to unfold for you.

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Lucas Stand #1 is a darkly supernatural story propelled by imperfect characters and a cool premise.

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