Comic Book Review: Magnus #3


One would think that Robot Hunter would be an awesome title to hold, but not for the holder of this title apparently. There had to be a reason that Magnus would hesitate taking on this job in capture the rogue AI, and all it took was them showing that she isn’t very welcome in their world. Tough, but this is what the story needed for there to be some urgency in catching this AI. Especially when the death of those employers was only the start of a bigger plot.

At the start of this story you would have assumed the direction this would go was Magnus being this reformed bounty hunter fighting for the AIs and what not. However, it is for the best that this wasn’t the case. There’s more to invest in knowing that there is a bigger picture to this story. You want to fight for the rights of AIs, but you also don’t want that to include something that will in turn take the lives of many innocent humans in the process. Well we don’t know exactly who this bomb is for, but we do know that there is a better way to get what you want than mass slaughter. The involvement of the detectives pushes that urgency where we are keeping one foot on real world activity as we move forward. They clearly serve humanity, but they aren’t biased to think all AI are evil or dangerous. Everyone here has a motivation for what they do and that is a recipe for tension that you can cut with a knife.

It was also a good point to make in this issue that despite this being a conflict of humans and AI, you can’t discount the problem of humans in general. They can still be a problem for themselves which you should never overlook for the sake of concept.

When it comes to Magnus taking this bounty a bit more serious, this was a good time to grasp just what she is capable of when she gets into that role of the bounty hunter. One of those cases where you have to show and not just tell. This of course includes the people she runs into who she has a past with. The last person was definitely someone who took her on the guilt train, but this guy definitely made you question what life was like for her before. That and how far she is willing to go in order to make sure that a war doesn’t break loose.

With the plot ongoing, getting hints of Magnus’ origins here and there was fitting. It didn’t feel out-of-place or distracting. While we don’t know exactly why she has this uncanny ability to stay in the Cloud World as long as she pleases, we know that this wasn’t a development that came out of the blue. There’s more to her story and it keeps interest for us to get a little bit as we progress.

Each passing issue for Magnus the artwork has been a step forward in quality. It was all about getting that foundation for this world and characters, then building up from there. There’s something each time to take from these trips back to the Cloud World. I love that things are never the same whenever Magnus travels somewhere new. That first scene was interesting because you couldn’t tell if you were in the Cloud World or the real world. The faded effect to the characters made it obvious with that said, but the setting was natural enough to question. Other places grab your attention because they looked grounded, yet all it took was looking at the skies above to remember just where you were. The colors of the sky and background are beautiful with the green, yellow and blue gradients. They used colors which made you think digital before anything else. This includes that digital effect they added at the end to capture the perimeter of the Cloud World. All that aside, the part with the detectives was cool for the pulp like style the story took on visually through the use of dark colors and blacks. It properly set the mood for something grim to happen.

Magnus #3 takes us a good fair bit deeper into this unfolding plot, while giving us much more to go on about this Magnus. Taking on this case made it inevitable for her to have to confront her past, demons and old acquaintances. Things can only get worse before they get better when the enemy is pretty much steps ahead.

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