Comic Book Review: Midnighter #10


Midnighter #10This crossover between Midnighter and the Suicide Squad is shaping up to be everything you could have hoped for this meeting to be. Jumping straight into the action as Amanda Waller has now put a target on his back, and the Suicide Squad looks more capable than ever. Especially now that they have this new character and team member who is made just to bring down someone with Midnighter’s abilities.

As a reader of the Suicide Squad books, this story arc is exciting. From the way these characters are written you can tell that Steve Orlando has been reading up on those books as well because since the previous issue you might feel like this is actually a Suicide Squad book. Amanda is the same cold-hearted director who cuts through the bullcrap to say exactly what will hurt you the most. Deadshot is still the same guy who will get the job done and still give Amanda a hard time about it. Though best of all is the way Midnighter interacts with them. It comes naturally as someone who would piss Deadshot off because he is legitimately better than him, and cross Waller because he is a real challenge to break unlike others she has encountered. And that isn’t even getting to how Harley Quinn is written or the back and forth between these two which is priceless.

Round two with Midnighter versus the Suicide Squad almost tops the first round. Actually it just might depending on who you are talking to. It seems like both sides are having fun with this war between them. That makes this entertaining since its going to take some time for either to come out decisive.

Something this issue makes sure to establish which has been strong throughout most of this series is the bond Midnighter has shared with others who know his story. It is one thing to see the way people react to him to understand everything he has been through, it is another thing when they show that understanding by the way they stand up for him and his actions. You don’t get enough of that form other heroes mainly because they separate their two lives, but since Midnighter doesn’t he also doesn’t wear a mask. Everything about him is right on the surface for the most part.

Half of Midnighter #10 was drawn by Hugo Petrus and the other half was drawn by ACO. What was impressive about these two working together is that even though the issue states who is drawn which pages, their style is still for the most part indistinguishable. It is mostly how they draw the characters which is similar. It was of course the way that ACO lays out the action sequences which separates the two. Not to say for those few pages before the cut off Petrus doesn’t do it very well too. When the fighting starts that is when you know ACO is in control. He handles all of that so well and it never fails to catch your attention with everything running through Midnighter’s head and the fluency. What stands out in this issue most are the sensory details. That never gets old because it always has some meaning be it an expression, hinting at something a character is about to do or doing, or just highlighting things that you wouldn’t notice at a distance. Midnighter #10 also gets a little crazy with the violence, that is something you appreciate that they let loose with. Not over the top, but brutal. Aside from this the colors carry the same consistency and quality. In fact what makes both styles of drawing mesh are Romulo Fajardo’s colors.

Midnighter #10 cranks the dial to 11 and shows what both sides are capable of when they want to make a statement about who really means business.

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Action-packed, fun, and the Suicide Squad story you have always wanted.

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